School students visit our chair!


On 07.02.2023 students from the JIA group of Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium in Aschaffenburg visited our Robotics department.

Prof. Nüchter demonstrating a drone to school students. Photo:Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium

The JIA (Junior Ingenieur Akademie) is a program sponsored by Deutsche Telekom foundation for the promotion of MINT-related aspects in schools. 

During the visit, the students participated in the lecture Robotics I in which they learned various methods for path following of a differential drive mobile robot. After the lecture they visited the Robotics Lab and got to know the Kuka manipulators. With a short introduction on how to control the robots, all students got some hands-on experience in moving the manipulators and teaching points, which was very much appreciated. 

In the mensateria, the students enjoyed a good meal during the lunch break. Afterwards, they received an introduction on mobile robots from Prof. Dr. Andreas Nüchter as well as information about the study program "Luft- und Raumfahrtinformatik".

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