The primary goa is to expand FDM and MEW printing, which has so far been limited to 3 dimensions, to 5D in order to be able to produce more complex structures. The limitations of the current process in terms of a flat print bed and the simple stacking of multiple layers to create three-dimensional objects can thus be softened. It is conceivable to print on hemispherical or cylindrical surfaces. This can be used to develop methods to treat possible burns directly on the scalp or an arm, for example, by printing new tissue directly onto the affected areas. By more complex structures, we mean that the more variable movement of the print head means that fewer constraints have to be observed in the design. This means that the individual layers can not only be stacked on top of each other in a linear fashion, but can also be interwoven from different directions. Among other things, this can increase stability and opens up many other possibilities.