3D 6DOF Printing

A MEW-capable print head is to be adapted to a 6-axis robot, thus extending the printing process from 3 degrees of freedom (DoF) to 5/6 DoF in order to be able to produce complex structures, for example organs or workpieces without planar surfaces.

3DTK Toolkit

The 3D Toolkit provides algorithms and methods to process 3D point clouds.


Data from a sensor network of different mapping sensors as well as as-built data from previous surveys are automatically merged and interpreted into a common, highly accurate three-dimensional map


The aim of the DigSmart project is to establish digitization along the value chain in civil engineering, from planning to documentation, end-to-end and across the entire technically available breadth of organizational and technical data.


The overall objective of this partner project is to investigate and develop methods for intelligent optical sensor data processing for the central robotic deburring of engine bearing rings.


For many archaeological sites, there is a need for precise digitization in order to preserve the sensitive cultural assets and make them accessible to a wider public. The LAUNCH-3D project will focus on the digitization of underwater archaeological sites.


Robotische Exploration der Mondoberfläche und schritthaltende geologische Analysen in 3D


Robotische Lösung für Sicherheitsforschung


Development and integration of a camera-based solution to improve the accuracy of irradiation in radiotherapy.


Tele-Experiments with mobile robots


In this project, the consortium is researching and developing the technologies needed to enable a new generation of underwater sensors.

Underwater VR for astronaut training

We plan in this study to combine diving goggles with a VR head set and to use our small 40 cubic meter pool for simulating a space environment


In the project, a functioning non-contact, non-destructive and operationally condition-independent inspection technology for wind turbines as well as their rotor blades is to be developed.

Amadee 24

The AMADEE-24 challenge is a Mars-simulation conducted in Armenia by the Austrian space forum.


In the RobInspec project, the partners aim to develop a ground-based mobile system for the autonomous optical inspection of photovoltaic open-space installations

Past Projects

3D Raumlaser

In this project we investigated a novel approach for a position verification system in medical applications.


We develop a fully automated solution for deburring injection molded plastic parts.


Tactile sensor data glove for training and tele-operation of mining and underwater robots with supporting virtual reality.


The DAEDALUS mission concept aims at exploring and characterizing the entrance and initial part of Lunar lava tubes within a compact, tightly integrated spherical robotic device, with a complementary payload set and autonomous capabilities.


A developed functional prototype will be tested in real application scenarios for the documentation of archaeological sites in water and the recording of technical structures such as locks, sheet pile walls or harbor wall.


Use an autonomous six-wheeled robot to inspect solar panels from below with an infrared camera to find damaged cells and connectors, while at the same time performing robotic mowing.