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Content Delivery and Placement

Content Delivery and Placement

Content delivery and placement are two of the most important services of the Internet. Their applications range from pure file-sharing to video-on-demand and live streaming or Internet protocol television (IPTV). The rising popularity of these applications, and their increasing demand for transmission capacity, e.g., due to high-definition video content, put a high load on the network infrastructure of the Internet. We carry out work in this field of study for social networks, P2P network and overlay networks in order of identify economic and network-related challenges.

DFG ÖkoNet

The importance of the Internet for social and economic ends has increased over the last years, especially due to the large market growth for smartphones and tablet computers. However, the mechanisms used for traffic management in the Internet are still based on concepts unchanged since its initial inception and cannot cope with the increasing requirements of users, network operators and service providers, such as the Quality of Experience (QoE) perceived by the user and economic considerations of the service providers. In order to deal with the new requirements, the project ÖkoNet considers the economic interests of all involved stakeholders during the design of new traffic management mechanisms.

MembersFlorian WamserValentin Burger

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