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SDN-enabled Application-aware Network Control Architectures and their Performance Assessment


The project targets the development of fundamental control mechanisms for network-aware application control and application-aware network control for Software Defined Networks (SDN) in order to enhance the user perceived quality (QoE). The idea is to leverage the QoE from multiple applications as control input parameter for application control and network control mechanisms. These mechanisms are implemented by an Application Control Plane (ACP) and a Network Control Plane (NCP). In order to obtain a global view, applications and network parameters are monitored and communicated to the respective control plane interface. Network / application information and demands are exchanged between the control planes in order to derive appropriate control actions.
The main objectives cover:

•Design of an (network-aware) application control plane that optimizes the overall QoE for multi-application scenarios.
•Design of an application-aware SDN control plane.
•Evaluation of a joint application and network control plane.