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    Computer Science VIII - Aerospace Information Technology



    SkyCAM is an automatic observation platform for detection of moving objects in the sky. The work is supported by the Universitätsbund Würzburg with funding for an enhanced system, which will contribute to the research and teaching activities in the field of detection of transient aerospace phenomena.

    This project is used as a test platform for the development and optimization of new algorithms for detection of moving objects such as satellites, meteoroids and sprites in the sky and in space. The work is part of the activities contributing to the work on Space Situational Awareness (SSA). The system works automatically and generates alarm messages when moving objects are detected. A short video sequence containing the detected object is stored for further analysis. SkyCam is located at the roof of the institute of computer science. After an extensive testing period a second unit will be placed in Peru in order to take advantage of the better observation conditions.

    SkyCAM is operational since 18.11.2009 and working continously. 

    For more information contact:

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hakan Kayal