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    Computer Science VIII - Aerospace Information Technology

    M.Sc. Julian Rothe

    Research Assistant

    Department of Computer Science
    Aerospace Information Technology
    Emil-Fischer-Straße 70
    97074 Würzburg

    Tel.:  +49 931 31-88353
    Email: julian.rothe@uni-wuerzburg.de


    Julian was born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1990. He received the B.Sc. degree in aerospace computer science and the M.Sc. degree in computer science from the University of Würzburg, Würzburg, in 2012 and 2016, respectively, where he is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree. Since 2017, he has been a Research Assistant with the Department of Aerospace Information Technology, University of Würzburg. His research interests include advanced UAV control and swarm formation flight. He was leader of the MIDRAS Project, developing an autonomous cooperative UAV system that is capable of catching micro drones in mid-air with a net.


    2020[ to top ]
    • {Towards Self-Aware Multirotor Formations} Kaiser, Dennis; Lesch, Veronika; Rothe, Julian; Strohmeier, Michael; Spiess, Florian; Krupitzer, Christian; Montenegro, Sergio; Kounev, Samuel in Computers (2020). 9(7)
    • A Modified Model Reference Adaptive Controller (M-MRAC) Using an Updated MIT-Rule for the Altitude of a UAV Rothe, Julian; Zevering, Jasper; Strohmeier, Michael; Montenegro, Sergio in Electronics (2020). 9(7)
    2019[ to top ]
    • A concept for catching drones with a net carried by cooperative UAVs. Rothe, Julian; Strohmeier, Michael; Montenegro, Sergio in SSRR (2019). 126–132.
    2018[ to top ]
    • Ultra-Wideband Based Pose Estimation for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Strohmeier, Michael; Walter, Thomas; Rothe, Julian; Montenegro, Sergio in IEEE Access (2018). 6 57526–57535.