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    Klügl, Franziska

    Dr. Franziska Klügl

    Since Sept. 1st, 2008, I'm working as a senior lector at the Örebro University, Sweden.
    There, I'm also co-responsible to build up a new Research Center for Modeling and Simulation (MoS).

    New contact coordinates:

    Örebro University
    School for Natural Science and Technology
    Modeling and Simulation Research Center
    Fakultetsgatan 1701 82  Örebro
    Tel.: ++46-19-30 39 25 (Örebro) / ++46-19-30 38 64 (Campus Karlskoga)
    email: franziska.klugl <AT> oru.se

    Nevertheless - in the winter semester 2009/2010 I will be sometimes returning the University of Würzburg giving the Multi-Agent Systems lecture.

    +++ New Book: Multiagent Systems in Traffic and Transportation +++