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    Leikam, Claudia

    Claudia Leikam

    I am a graduated biomedical scientist, who decided, it was time for productive creativity in life and therefore joined the ViSERiON adventure team in September 2011. After having worked as a skin cancer researcher for more than 5 years, I will now be responsible for marketing and maintenance of ViSERiON´s social media aspects.

    Our main product, myLinkCloud, is currently being funded by Flügge, a Bavarian governmental support program for university startups. myLinkCloud is a free web app that allows you to create your personalized start page by combining all your favorite links and access it from any device. These so-called LinkClouds can then be shared or even edited with colleagues, friends or family. To improve our service, we are collaborating with Prof. Andreas Hotho and the department for artificial intelligence. Make sure to check out myLinkCloud!