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    Lehrstuhl für Künstliche Intelligenz und Wissenssysteme

    Klügl, Peter

    Dr. Peter Klügl

    University of Würzburg
    Department for Artificial Intelligence
    and Applied Computer Science
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg


    I received my Diploma in computer science in 2007 at the university of Würzburg (Award „Ausgezeichnete Studienleistungen mit einer herausragenden Diplomarbeit“) and worked afterwards at the department for artificial intelligence and applied computer science, and in the comprehensive heart failure center. In December 2014, I finished my PhD thesis about “Collective Information Extraction with Context-specific Consistencies”. My general research interests cover everything that is concerned with information extraction in textual documents: Machine Learning, Rule Engineering, NLP, Text Mining and related fields. I am also interested in architectures for information extraction and especially in Apache UIMA where I am developing UIMA Ruta (Rule-based Text Annotation).