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    SeSAm (Multiagent Simul.)


    SeSAm (Shell for Simulated Agent Systems) provides a generic environment for modelling and experimenting with agent-based simulation. We specially focused on providing a tool for the easy construction of complex models

    , which include dynamic interdependecies or emergent behaviour.

    SeSAm provides:

    • Easy visual agent modelling,
    • Flexible environment and situation definition,
    • The whole power of a programming language,
    • Integrated graphical simulation analysis ,
    • Distribution of simulation runs in your LAN ,
    • and many further features....

    SeSAm is usefull for simulations in many application domains, such as:

    • Logistics (coordination, storage layout optimization, software test,,..),
    • Production (factory, optimized plans for different requirements,..)
    • Traffic (avoidance of traffic jams, traffic light control, route choice..),
    • Passenger Flow (market improvement, evacuation of buildings)
    • Health Care (optimization of clinical processes, reduction of costs)
    • Biology (understanding of insect behaviour, testing theories)
    • and many other domains....

    SeSAm is a tool for so called agent based simulation. Agents are active entities of the simulation and their behaviour is implemented with activity diagrams. Based on an extensive number of primitive components, a user is able to design a simulation graphically without knowing the syntax of a traditional programming language.

    The model specification is executable in the same environment and the dynamics of this simulation may be observed. As there are freely configurable instruments for gathering data and scripting options for constructing simulation experiments, SeSAm is a highly valuable tool for MAS simulations especially for complex models with flexible agent behaviour and interactions.