Lehrstuhl für Künstliche Intelligenz und Wissenssysteme

    Prof. Dr. Frank Puppe

    Head of Chair for Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Systems

    Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg,
    Institute for Computer Science
    Chair for Computer Science VI,
    Am Hubland, D-97074 Würzburg.

    Tel.: +49 931 / 31 - 86730,
    Fax: +49 931 / 31 - 86732,
    Room:  B010 in Computer Science Building

    Education 1991 habilitation (Karlsruhe Univ.): Problem solving with expert systems
      1986 dissertation (Kaiserslautern Univ.): Diagnostic problem solving
      1983 Diploma in Computer Science (Bonn Univ.)
    Professional Experience 2015-2017 senator
      2011-2013 dean
      2008-2011 dean of students
      since 1992: full professor at Würzburg university
      1988: guest scientist in Clinical Decision Making Group (MIT, Boston)
      1987: Six-month deputyship for Professor at Hamburg University
    Research Fields Image and Video Interpretation in Medicine
      OCR, OMR and segmentation of historical documents
      Text Mining and Information Extraction from medical, legal, literary documents and tables
      Knowledge Systems, Simulation,
      Data Warehousing, Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining
      E-Learning and E-Assessment in semi-structured domains (e.g. programming, argumentation)
    Current Projects 2014-2019 Kallimachos (BMBF supported center for digital edition and quantitative analysis; information extraction from novels); since 2019 board member of Center for philology and digitality Kallimachos of Wuerzburg University
      2015-2021 IT4All (Digital Campus Bavaria): E-Assessment for formal tasks (e.g. programming)
      2019-2023 KINERGY (BMWi): optimization of heating systems (with SEnerCon adn ENER-IQ)
      2019-2023 DZ-PTM (Bavaria state and Würzburg University Clinic): order entry optimization in radiology
      2019-2027 Corpus Monodicum (German Academy Mainz): edition of medieval latin music and OMR; with Prof. Haug)
      2020-2023 (IZKF and Würzburg University Clinic ) Optimization of adenom detection in Colon (with Prof. Meining)
      2019-2022 (IuK Bayern): Analysis of legal judgements (with RenoStar)
      2020-2022 (ESF-ZDEX): Center for Digital Experiments 4.0 (with Wuerzburg University)

    Selected Publications

    Fischer, N., Gehrke, A., Hartelt, A., Krug, M. and Puppe, F.: Contour-based Segmentation of Historical Printings, Proc. of German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (KI2020), 2020.

    Krenzer, A., Hekalo, A., Puppe, F.: Endoscopic Detection And Segmentation Of Gastroenterological Diseases With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, Proc. of the 2nd Int. Workshop and Challenge on Computer Vision in Endoscopy  (CEUR 2595), 58-63, 2020.

    Puppe, F.: Künstliche Intelligenz - Überblick und gesellschaftlicher Ausblick, erscheint in RobotRecht, 2020.

    Dietrich, G., Krebs, J., Liman, L., Fette, G., Ertl, M., Kaspar, M., Störk, S., Puppe, F.: Replicating Medication Trend Studies Using Ad Hoc Information Extraction in a Clinical Data Warehouse, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 19, 15:1-15:21  (ISSN: 1472-6947), 2019.

    Djebko, K., Puppe. F. and Kayal, H.: Model-Based Fault Detection and Diagnosis for Spacecraft with an Application for the SONATE Triple Cube Nano-Satellite, Aerospace  6 (10), (ISSN 2226-4310), 2019.

    Eipert, T., Haug, A., Herrmann, F., Puppe, F., Voigt, K., Wick, C.: Editionsphilologische, informationstechnische und musiktheoretische Aspekte des digitalen Edierens einstimmiger Musik des Mittelalters am Beispiel des CORPUS MONODICUM, Musiktheorie, Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschafte 34 (3) 214-226, 2019.

     Loda, S.,  Krebs, J. ,  Danhof, S.,  Schreder, M., Solimando, A.,  Strifler, S.,  Rasche, L.,  Kortüm, M.,  Kerscher, A.,  Knop, S.,  Puppe, F.,  Einsele, H., and  Bittrich, M.: Exploration of Artificial Intelligence Use with ARIES in Multiple Myeloma Research, in: Journal of Clinical Medicine 8 (7), 2019.

    Reul, C., Christ, D., Hartelt, A., Balbach, N., Wehner, M., Springmann, U., Wick, C., Grundig, C., Büttner, A., Puppe, F.: OCR4all - An Open-Source Tool Providing a (Semi-)Automatic OCR Workflow for Historical Printings. Applied Sciences. 9 (22) 4853, (ISSN: 2076-3417), 2019.

    Wick, C.; Hartelt, A.; Puppe, F.: Staff, Symbol, and Melody Detection of Medieval Manuscripts written in Square Notation using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks, Applied Science (ISSN: 2076-3417), 2019.

    Dietrich, G., Krebs, J., Fette, G., Ertl, M., Kaspar, M., Störk, S., Puppe, F.: Ad Hoc Information Extraction for Clinical Data Warehouses, Methods of Information in Medicine 57 (S 01): 22-29, (ISSN 0026-1270), 2018.

    Eyselein, B., Puppe, F.: it4all–Ein Korrekturframework für Programmieraufgaben, Proc. Workshops 16. E-Learning Fachtagung Informatik and DeLFI, 2018.

    Reul, C.; Springmann, U.; Wick, C.; Puppe, F.: Improving OCR Accuracy on Early Printed Books by combining Pretraining, Voting, and Active Learning. in: JLCL (Special Issue on Automatic Text and Layout Recognition) 33(1) 3-24, (ISSN 2190-6858),  2018.

    Wick, C., Puppe, F. (2018) Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Page Segmentation of Historical Document Images, 13th IAPR Int. Workshop on Document Analysis Systems (DAS), 287-292, 2018.

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    Reul, C., Springmann, U.,  Puppe, F. 2017. LAREX – A semi-automatic open-source Tool for Layout Analysis and Region Extraction on Early Printed Books. In Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage, DATeCH 2017: 2nd Int. Conf. on Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage, 2017.

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