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Chair of Computer Science III

Summer Semester 2024

The modules are available for computer science students (Info). They are further distinguished for bachelor and master students (BA/MA). Some lectures are especially for bachelor students of the Computer Science and Stustainability program (InNa). For availability of the modules in other programs, please refer to the module catalogue.


Lecture on Homepage Module Coordinator Module Description Program WueCampus
Sustainability Concepts and Assessment (NuB) Prof. Pruckner 10-I-NuB BA InNa NuB'24
Energy Informatics 1 Prof. Pruckner 10-I=EI1 MA Info EI1'24
Performance Evaluation of Distributed Systems (LBVS) Prof. Hoßfeld 10-I=LVS MA Info LBVS'24
Discrete Event Simulation (SIM) Prof. Hoßfeld 10-I=ST MA Info SimTech'24"
Professional Project Management (PM) Prof. Wehnes 10-I=PM MA Info PPP'24
Energy-Aware Engineering Prof. Hoßfeld 10-I-EnAE BA InNa EAE'24

Practical Courses

Module Module Coordinator Module Description Program WueCampus
Practical Course in Hardware Prof. Hoßfeld 10-I-HWP BA Info, InNa HWP'24
Master's Practical Course: Practical Course - Current Topics in Computer Science (ungraded) Prof. Hoßfeld / Prof. Pruckner 10-I=PRAK MA Info  
Master's Practical Course: Practical Course - Internet Technology 1 Prof. Hoßfeld / Prof. Pruckner 10-I-PIT1 MA Info  
Practical Course - Internet Technology 2 Prof. Hoßfeld / Prof. Pruckner 10-I-PIT2 MA Info  


The seminars from the list are suited for both, bachelor and master students.

Module Module Coordinator Program WueCampus
Next Generation Networks (NGN) Prof. Hoßfeld Info, InNa NGN'24
User-centric Communication Networks (UCN) Prof. Hoßfeld Info, InNa UCN'24
Digital Sustainability: Open Source Software, Digital Sovereignty (CAN) Prof. Wehnes Info, InNa CAN'24
Computer Science and Sustainability Prof. Pruckner InNa, Info (if still available) IuN'24

Theses und Practical Courses

Topics for theses and practical courses are listed here.