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Chair of Computer Science III

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marco Pruckner

Telefon (0931) 31-89054
Telefax (0931) 31-86632




Lehrstuhl für Kommunikationsnetze (Informatik III)

Am Hubland
D-97074 Würzburg

Contents:  Overview | Publications | Research

2022[ to top ]
  • Virtual experiments for battery state of health estimation based on neural networks and in-vehicle data Heinrich, Felix; Pruckner, Marco in Journal of Energy Storage (2022). 48 103856.
  • Joint analysis of regional and national power system impacts of electric vehicles - A case study for Germany on the county level in 2030 Strobel, Leo; Schlund, Jonas; Pruckner, Marco in Applied Energy (2022). 315 118945.
  • Enhancing the Performance of Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Controlling HVAC Systems Bayer, Daniel; Pruckner, Marco in 2022 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) (2022). 187–194.
2021[ to top ]
  • Unsupervised data-preprocessing for Long Short-Term Memory based battery model under electric vehicle operation Heinrich, F.; Noering, F.K.-D.; Pruckner, M.; Jonas, K. in Journal of Energy Storage (2021). 38 102598.
  • Development and Evaluation of a Smart Charging Strategy for an Electric Vehicle Fleet Based on Reinforcement Learning Tuchnitz, Felix; Ebell, Niklas; Schlund, Jonas; Pruckner, Marco in Applied Energy (2021). 285 116382.
  • Dynamic modeling and sensitivity analysis of a stratified heat storage coupled with a heat pump and an organic rankine cycle Scharrer, Daniel; Pruckner, Marco; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard in 2021 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC) (2021). 1–12.
  • Analyzing the Charging Flexibility Potential of Different Electric Vehicle Fleets Using Real-World Charging Data Barthel, Vincent; Schlund, Jonas; Landes, Philipp; Brandmeier, Veronika; Pruckner, Marco in Energies (2021). 14(16)
  • Frequency Control Reserve Provision from a Fleet of Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles Iacobucci, Riccardo; Donhauser, Jonas; Schm{\"o}cker, Jan-Dirk; Pruckner, Marco in 2021 7th International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS) (2021). 1–6.
  • Benchmarking a Decentralized Reinforcement Learning Control Strategy for an Energy Community Ebell, Niklas; Pruckner, Marco in 2021 IEEE International Conference on Communications, Control, and Computing Technologies for Smart Grids (SmartGridComm) (2021). 385–390.
  • Smart Charging and Renewable Grid Integration - A Case Study Based on Real-Data of the Island of Porto Santo Strobel, Leo; Schlund, Jonas; Brandmeier, Veronika; Schreiber, Michael; Pruckner, Marco in Sustainable Energy for Smart Cities, J. L. Afonso, V. Monteiro, J. G. Pinto (eds.) (2021). 200–215.
  • A comprehensive study on battery electric modeling approaches based on machine learning Heinrich, Felix; Klapper, Patrick; Pruckner, Marco in DACH Conference on Energy Informatics (2021). 4(3) 1–17.
2020[ to top ]
  • Life Cycle Assessment of a Reversible Heat Pump�Organic Rankine Cycle�Heat Storage System with Geothermal Heat Supply Scharrer, Daniel; Eppinger, Bernd; Schmitt, Pascal; Zenk, Johan; Bazan, Peter; Karl, J�rgen; Will, Stefan; Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in Energies (2020). 13(12)
  • Electric Vehicle Charge Management for Lowering Costs and Environmental Impact Apostolaki-Iosifidou, Elpiniki; Pruckner, Marco; Woo, Soomin; Lipman, Timothy in 2020 IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability (SusTech) (2020). 1–7.
  • Shared Autonomous Electric Vehicles and the Power Grid: Applications and Research Challenges. Pruckner, Marco; Eckhoff, David in ISGT-Europe (2020). 1151–1155.
  • FlexAbility - Modeling and Maximizing the Bidirectional Flexibility Availability of Unidirectional Charging of Large Pools of Electric Vehicles Schlund, Jonas; Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in Proceedings of the Eleventh ACM International Conference on Future Energy Systems, e-Energy ’20 (2020). 121�132.
  • A scenario-based study on the impacts of electric vehicles on energy consumption and sustainability in Alberta Doluweera, Ganesh; Hahn, Fabian; Bergerson, Joule; Pruckner, Marco in Applied Energy (2020). 268 114961.
2019[ to top ]
  • Sharing of Energy Among Cooperative Households Using Distributed Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning. Ebell, Niklas; Gütlein, Moritz; Pruckner, Marco in ISGT Europe (2019). 1–5.
  • Optimized Integration of Electric Vehicles in Low Voltage Distribution Grids Spitzer, Martin; Schlund, Jonas; Apostolaki-Iosifidou, Elpiniki; Pruckner, Marco in Energies (2019). 12(21)
2018[ to top ]
  • Coordinated Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Swarm Battery Control. Ebell, Niklas; Pruckner, Marco in CCECE (2018). 1–4.
  • A comprehensive electricity Market Model using simulation and Optimization Techniques. Steber, David; Hubler, Jakob; Pruckner, Marco in WSC, B. Johansson, S. Jain (eds.) (2018). 2095–2106.
  • Rebalancing and fleet sizing of Mobility-on-demand Networks with combined simulation, Optimization and Queueing Network Analysis. Bazan, Peter; Djanatliev, Anatoli; Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard; Lauer, Christoph in WSC, B. Johansson, S. Jain (eds.) (2018). 1527–1538.
  • Coordinating E-Mobility Charging for Frequency Containment Reserve Power Provision. Schlund, Jonas; Steinert, Ronny; Pruckner, Marco in e-Energy, H. Schmeck, V. Hagenmeyer (eds.) (2018). 556–563.
  • Including a virtual battery storage into thermal unit commitment. Steber, David; Pruckner, Marco; Schlund, Jonas; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard in Comput. Sci. Res. Dev. (2018). 33(1-2) 223–229.
  • Reinforcement Learning Control Algorithm for a PV-Battery-System Providing Frequency Containment Reserve Power. Ebell, Niklas; Heinrich, Felix; Schlund, Jonas; Pruckner, Marco in SmartGridComm (2018). 1–6.
  • Reversible Heat Pump Organic Rankine Cycle Systems for the Storage of Renewable Electricity Staub, Sebastian; Bazan, Peter; Braimakis, Konstantinos; Müller, Dominik; Regensburger, Christoph; Scharrer, Daniel; Schmitt, Bernd; Steger, Daniel; German, Reinhard; Karellas, Sotirios; Pruckner, Marco; Schl�cker, Eberhard; Will, Stefan; Karl, J�rgen in Energies (2018). 11(6)
2017[ to top ]
  • Electrification of public bus transport under the usage of electricity generated by renewables Dicke, Paul; Meyer, Benedikt; Pruckner, Marco in 2017 2nd IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Engineering (ICITE) (2017). 314–319.
  • SWARM � Providing 1 MW FCR power with residential PV-battery energy storage � Simulation and empiric validation Steber, David; Pruckner, Marco; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard in 2017 IEEE Manchester PowerTech (2017). 1–6.
  • Towards an impact study of electric vehicles on the Italian electric power system using simulation techniques. Longo, Michela; Lutz, Nina M.; Daniel, Luca; Zaninelli, Dario; Pruckner, Marco in RTSI (2017). 1–5.
  • Spatial and Temporal Charging Infrastructure Planning Using Discrete Event Simulation. Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard; Eckhoff, David in SIGSIM-PADS, W. Cai, Y. M. Teo, P. Wilsey, K. Jin (eds.) (2017). 249–257.
  • Analysis of Various Charging Strategies for Electrified Public Bus Transport Utilizing a Lightweight Simulation Model Dicke, Paul; Meyer, Benedikt; Pruckner, Marco in Proceedings of the 1st E-Mobility Power System Integration Symposium (2017).
2016[ to top ]
  • The impact of electric vehicles on the german energy system. Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in SpringSim (ANSS), J. J. Padilla, A. Tolk, S. Jafer (eds.) (2016). 23.
  • Modeling the impact of electrical energy storage systems on future power systems Pruckner, Marco in 2016 IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference (EPEC) (2016). 1–7.
2015[ to top ]
  • Hierarchical Simulation of the German Energy System and Houses with PV and Storage Systems. Bazan, Peter; Pruckner, Marco; Steber, David; German, Reinhard in D-A-CH EI, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, S. Gottwalt, L. König, H. Schmeck (eds.) (2015). (Vol. 9424) 12–23.
  • Ein Simulationsmodell f{\"u}r den Energieumstieg in Bayern Pruckner, Marco (2015). Cuvillier Verlag.
2014[ to top ]
  • Modeling country-scale electricity demand profiles. Pruckner, Marco; Eckhoff, David; German, Reinhard in Winter Simulation Conference, S. J. Buckley, J. A. Miller (eds.) (2014). 1084–1095.
  • On the profit enhancement and state estimation services in the smart grid. Awad, Abdalkarim; Pruckner, Marco; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard in ISGT (2014). 1–5.
  • Modeling and simulation of electricity generated by renewable energy sources for complex energy systems. Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in SpringSim (ANSS) (2014). 4.
  • Gekoppeltes Energiesystemmodell f{\"u}r den Energieumstieg in Bayern Pruckner, Marco; Seifert, Gaby; Luther, Matthias; German, Reinhard in Energiesymposium 2014 (2014).
2013[ to top ]
  • A hybrid simulation model for large-scaled electricity generation systems. Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in Winter Simulation Conference (2013). 1881–1892.
  • A simulation model to analyze the residual load during the extension of highly fluctuating renewables in Bavaria, Germany Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in 4th International Conference on Power Engineering, Energy and Electrical Drives (2013). 540–545.
2012[ to top ]
  • Towards a simulation model of the Bavarian electrical energy system. Pruckner, Marco; Bazan, Peter; German, Reinhard in GI-Jahrestagung, LNI, U. Goltz, M. A. Magnor, H.-J. Appelrath, H. K. Matthies, W.-T. Balke, L. C. Wolf (eds.) (2012). (Vol. P-208) 597–612.
  • A study on the impact of packet loss and latency on real-time demand response in smart grid. Pruckner, Marco; Awad, Abdalkarim; German, Reinhard in GLOBECOM Workshops (2012). 1486–1490.
  • An approach of a simulation model to analyze the future energy balance of Bavaria Pruckner, Marco; German, Reinhard in 2012 International Conference on Smart Grid Technology, Economics and Policies (SG-TEP) (2012). 1–4.