Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

Research Interests

Prof. Schilling's research interests focus on combination of information processing, sensorics, control theory, communication and system design approaches to solve challenging engineering problems in the context of robotics, automation and space systems.
Specific emphasis is on interdisciplinary, system-oriented activities in

  • Mechatronics: integrating electronics, mechanics, and control engineering to adapt flexibly to the work environment.
  • Telematics: integrating telecommunication, computer science and control to deliver services at remote locations.

Applications fields relate to

  • Cooperating mobile robots (industrial transport robots, outdoor rovers, sensor data processing, drive assistance systems)
  • analyses of varying degrees of interaction between autonomous reactions and teleoperations,
  • Tele-robotics (remote operations, augmented reality user interfaces, industrial tele-maintenance)
  • Spacecraft systems (distributed systems, pico-satellites, planetary rovers, tele-operations of satellite formations, networks of ground control stations)
  • Robots in medicine (tele-medicine, motion compensation, assistance robotics)