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Auf Einladung von Prof. Dr.-Ing. Samuel Kounev findet der folgende Vortrag statt:

Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2023, 17:00 Uhr, Zuse-Hörsaal, Informatikgebäude, Am Hubland

Prof. Davide Taibi
University of Oulu, Finnland

From Monolithic Web-Apps to Micro-Frontends


Companies are decomposing their monolithic systems into more modular systems based on microservices. However, the frontends usually remain monolithic, bringing the same issues usually faced by monolithic backends. Micro-Frontends is a new approach that enables to decompose monolithic frontends into independent frontends that enable developers to work independently, enabling them to decentralize decisions and deploy independently. However, Micro-Frontends also introduce some drawbacks. In this talk, we will introduce the main motivations, benefits, and issues that brought companies to adopt micro frontends, and we will present a set of issues that still remain open in monolithic and micro-frontends.

Short bio:

Davide Taibi is a full Professor at the University of Oulu. His research is mainly focused on cloud-native systems, where he is working on the identification and reduction of Technical debt, especially in the case of migration from monolithic to cloud-native applications. He is investigating processes, and techniques for developing Cloud Native applications, identifying cloud-native specific patterns and anti-patterns. Davide is also supporting local companies to keep their software maintenance under control, by applying continuous quality monitoring techniques and by supporting them in spotting DevOps antipatterns.