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Visa for Vietnam

Visa Approval Letter

In order to enter Vietnam and to study there, a Visa for other Purposes is required. To apply for this visa, you first need a Visa Approval Letter. This Visa Approval Letter can be requested at the authorities in Vietnam by the Hanoi University. As soon as the Visa Approval Letter is granted, the Vietnamese embassy in Germany will be informed about it by the authorities in Vietnam. Eventually, the Hanoi University sends the Visa Approval Letter via email or fax to you.

For obtaining the Visa Approval Letter contact the External Affair Office at HUST. First, download and fill out this form. Then send the completed form to:

Mrs. Tran Vu Huong Tra,   (for students)

External Affair Office,   (for teaching staff)

It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for the Visa Approval Letter to be issued by the Vietnamese authorities.

Application for visa

The following documents are required to apply for a visa:

  • Application form (filled in using block letters). available here
  • Latest passport photo 40 x 60 mm or 35 x 45 mm (shall be stick on the application form).
  • Passport (must be valid until at least 1 month after intended departure date from Vietnam).
  • Visa Approval Letter (requested by the University in Hanoi at the Vietnamese authorities)

The documents can be submitted in person or by post to the Vietnamese embassy in Berlin or to its branch in Bonn. In case of delivery by post, the following 2 items must also be sent:

  • Visa fee in cash or check (recommended via DHL and no registered mail)
  • Reply-paid envelope (with stamp of 3.60 euros value)

By post, it can usually take up to 2 weeks before you get your passport back with the visa. It is not excluded that it may take even longer.

Visa fee

Only cash or check is accepted as payment. Information regarding the current amount of the visa fee is provided by the consular department of the Vietnamese embassy on request. Contact the consular department at:

+49 30 53630 102
+49 30 53630 108


Send the application documents + visa fee + reply-paid envelope to this address:

Botschaft der Sozialistischen Republik Vietnam
Elsenstraße 3
12435 Berlin-Treptow