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Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics


UWE-1 (University of Würzburg's Experimental-Satellite 1) was launched successfully on the 27th of October 2005 from Platesk, Russia. The first signals of UWE-1 were decoded in the Groundstation in Würzburg after 2 hours of orbit entry. The UWE-1 was launched with the help of the russian Kosmos Rocket.



  • Analysing the utilasition of TCP/IP-techniques for telemetrical and telecommand data with consideration of typical aerospace problems like delay and disturbance
  • Implementing a Groundstation and invoking it into a international network of CubeSat users via Internet
  • Potentially testing of microsystem components for attitude determination (gyro, determination of declination/inclination)


Results achieved by UWE-1 are presented in 3 papers at the  "57th International Astronautical Congress" in Valencia, Spain.