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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics


    Publications List 2014

    Al-khawaldah, M.; & Nüchter, A.;
    Multi-Robot Cooperation for Efficient Exploration.
    AUTOMATIKA -- Journal for Control, Measurement, Electronics, Computing and Communications. 2014, p. 276-286
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    Aschenbrenner, D.; Leutert, F.; Sittner, F.; Fritscher, M.; Schilling, K.
    Einsatzmöglichkeiten für Mobile Geräte bei der Wartung von Industrierobotern.
    SPS-IPC-Drives Konferenz. 2014,
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    Bangert, P.; Busch, S.; & Schilling, K.;
    Performance Characteristics of the UWE-3 Miniature Attitude Determinatin and Control system,
    2nd IAA Conference on Dynamics and Control of Space Systems (DYCOSS), Rome . 2014, IAA-AAS-DyCoSS2-14-05-07
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    Bedkowski, J.; Majek, K.; & Nüchter, A.;
    Nowy algorytm 6DSLAM wykorzystujacy semantyczne rozpoznanie otoczenia.
    13 Krajowka Konferencja Robotyki Kudowa Zdroj Prace Naukowe, Elektronika z. 194 Post. Robotyki Tom II. 2014, p. 513-520
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    Borrmann, D.; Nüchter, A.; Djakulovic, M.; Maurovic, I.; Petrovic, I.; Osmankovic, D.; & Velagic, J.;
    A mobile robot based system for fully automated thermal 3D mapping
    Journal Advanced Engineering Informatics (JAdvEI). 2014, p. 425-440
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    Bruder, G.; Steinicke, F.; & Nüchter, A.;
    Immersive Point Cloud Virtual Environments.
    Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces 3DUI Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI '14) Poster. 2014, p. 161-162
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    Busch, S.; Bangert, P.; & Schilling, K.;
    Attitude Control Demonstration for Pico-Satellite Formation Flying by UWE-3,
    4S-Symposium, Mallorca . 2014, pp.
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    Busch, S.; Bangert, P.; Dombrovski, S.; & Schilling, K.;
    In-Orbit Performance and Lessons Learned of a Modular and Flexible Satellite Bus for Future Picosatellite Formations,
    65. IAC Congress, Toronto, Canada . 2014, IAC-14.B4.6B.6
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    Eck, D.; Leutert, F.; &. Schilling, K.;
    Robotic Assistance for Senior People for Safe Mobility and Work Support
    in: A. Rodic, D. Pisla, H. Bleuler (eds.): New Trends in Medical and Service Robots, Springer. 2014, ISBN: 978-3319054308, p. 1-16
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    Elseberg, J.; Borrmann, D.; Schauer, J.; Nüchter, A.; Koriath, D.; & Rautenberg, U.;
    A sensor skid for precise 3D modeling of production lines.
    ISPRS Annals Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Spatial Inf. Sci., II-5. Proceedings of the Commision V Symposium Close-range imaging, ranging and applications. 2014, p. 117-122
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    Evans, D.; Koudelka, O.; Alminde, L.; Schilling, K.;
    The ESA OPS-SAT CUBESAT mission
    Proceedings 4S-Symposium, Mallorca. 2014.
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    Houshiar, H.; Borrmann, D.; & Nüchter, A.;
    Fortlaufende semantische 3D-Kartierung von archäologischen Ausgrabungsstätten.
    Photogrammetrie Laserscanning Optische 3D-Messtechnik, Beiträge der Oldenburger 3D-Tage 2014, Jade Hochschule. 2014, p. 268-277
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    Kempf, F.; Hilgarth, A.; Kheirkhah, A.; Mikschl, T.; Tzschichholz, T.; Montenegro, S.; & Schilling, K.;
    Reliable Networked Distributed On-Board Data Handling Using a odular Approach with Heterogeneus Components,
    4S-Symposium, Mallorca . 2014, pp.
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    Leutert, F.; & Lotz, M.;
    Telematische Überwachung und Optimierung roboterbasierter kraftsensitiver Schleifbearbeitung.
    in: Mechatroniknews (02). 2014, p. 3–4
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    Leutert, F.; & Ramer, C.; & Pirkl, G.; & Bahle, G.; & Poxrucker, A.; & Dresselhaus, M.; & Ziegler, C.; & Schilling, K.; & Franke, J.; & Lukowicz, P.
    Robotic assistance in workshops for people with handicaps - Intuitive, safe and flexible cooperation with industrial robots
    in: Werkstattstechnik online (9/2014), 2014(02), pp. 567-572.
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    Li, Q.; Chen, L.; Li, M.; Shaw, S.; & Nüchter, A.;
    A Sensor-Fusion Drivable-Region and Lane-Detection System for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in Challenging Road Scenarios.
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. 2014, p. 540-555
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    May, S.; Koch, P.; Koch, R.; Merkl, C.; Pfitzer, C.; & Nüchter, A.;
    A Gereralized 2D and 3D Multi-Sensor Data Integration Approach based on Signed Distance Functions for Multi-Modal Robotic Mapping.
    Proceedings of th 19th International Workshop on Vision, Modeling and Visualization (VMV '14). 2014
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    Nüchter, A.; Rusu, R.B.; Holz, D.; & Munoz, D.;
    Special Issue on Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration.
    Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (JRAS). 2014, p. 617-618
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    Nüchter, A.; Rusu, R.B.; Holz, D.; & Munoz, D.;
    Editorial: Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration.
    Journal of Robotics and Autonomous Systems (JRAS), Special Issue on Semantic Perception, Mapping and Exploration. 2014, p. 1-2
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    Schauer, J.; & Nüchter, A.;
    Efficient Point Cloud Collision Detection and Analysis in a Tunnel Environment using Kinematic Laser Scanning and k-d Tree Search.
    Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens. Spatial Inf. Sci., XL-3, Proceedings of the Photogrammetric Computer Vision (PCV '14). 2014, p. 289-295
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    Schilling, K.;
    Networked Control of Cooperating Distributed Pico-Satellites, Proceedings IFAC World Congress Cape Town. 2014. ID: WeC19.6
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    Schilling, K.;
    Perspectives for Miniaturized, Distributed, Networked Systems for Space Exploration, Proceedings New Research Frontiers for Intelligent Autonomous Systems IAS-NRF, Venice. 2014.
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    Sun, K,; Heß, R; Xu, Z.; & Schilling, K.;
    Real-time Robust Six Degrees of Freedom Object Pose Estimation with a Time-of-flight Camera and a Color Camera
    Journal of Field Robotics, 2014. DOI: 10.1002/rob.21519
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