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Latest News

UWE-3 has successfully been launched with a Dnepr Launch Vehicle from Yasny Launch Base on Nov. 21 07:11 UTC. Already on 08:46 UTC during its first low elevation pass over Würzbug first life signs of UWE-3 could be received. Early telemetry data indicated that UWE-3 housekeeping is performing excellent. Also various radio amateur around the world could record UWE-3 telemetry beacons. Many thanks to PE0SAT and DK3WN for sending us first telemetry frames of UWE-3!

Please check our latest news for up to date information about the status of UWE-3.

Project Description

The main mission objectives of UWE-3 are to demonstrate the use of a real-time miniature attitude determination and control system on-board the satellite, using a variety of sensors, magnetic torques and one reaction wheel. To establish a robust base for a series of future satellites, UWE-3 additionally features an advanced modular and flexible architecture of the pico-satellite bus, in order to increase robustness, reduce mass and add reliability to the overall system. One example is the redundant On-Board Data Handling core module of UWE-3, which is tolerant to SEU’s, capable of repairing its own memory and therefore able to recover the satellite and ensure safe operations. The system design supports rapid development, integration and testing of the satellite, as well as maintenance, extension and simple replacement of subsystems after integration. Moreover its standardized interfaces allow efficient manufacturing and support reusability of components. The UWE-3 project is supported by the German national space agency DLR (Raumfahrt-Agentur des Deutschen Zentrums für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.) by funding from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology by approval from German Parliament with reference 50 RU 0901.