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    Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

    Manipulators & Medical Robotics

    Medical robotics & Manipulators

    Medical Robotics




    2012 Walter Reis Innovation Award for Christian Herrmann

    Research Interests

    • Robotic motion compensation of tumors in radiotherapy
    • Prediction methods for tumor motions
    • Multi-modal interfaces for simplified programming of industrial manipulators
    • Assistance systems for close human-robot interaction
    • Telemedicine applications for improved health care

    Sample of Prior Experience

    • AsProMed-V - Assistance systems for production and medical fields
    • Fit4Work - Assistance system for elderly people
    • ForTeRob - Force-sensitive processing of metal workpieces
    • Medical Table - Tumor motion compensation using a HexaPod

    Recent Publications