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Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

Prof. Moshe Guelman

Biographical Data

b. Uruguay, 1942. Ingenieria, Universidad del Uruguay, D.E.A., 1967, Docteur en Electronique, 1968, Faculte des Sciences, Universite de Paris. 1969 RAFAEL, M.O.D., Faculte des Sciences, Paris, 1978-1979. International Satellite Organization (Intelsat), Washington, D.C., 1985-1986, National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR), The Netherlands, 1986-1987, 1992-1993. Since 1993, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. Professor since 1994. Head of Asher Space Research Institute since 1997.

Main Interests

Spacecraft dynamics and control, Astrodynamics, Trajectory optimization, Guidance systems, Space robotics, Optimal and adaptive control.

Selected Publications

“Power Limited Soft Landing on an Asteroid”, AIAA J. on Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 17, 1, Jan. 1994, pp. 15-21 (with D. Harel).
“Earth to Moon Transfer with a Limited Power Engine”, AIAA J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics 18, 5, Sept. 1995.

“Electric Propulsion for Orbit Transfer in a Resistive Medium”, J. of the Astronautical Sciences, Jan. 1997(with M.L. Psiaki).

“Space Manipulators Integrated Adaptive Control”, J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 21, 1, Jan. 1998(with L. Ehrenwald).

“Planar Aero-assisted Attainability Domain”, J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 20, 3, May 1997, pp. 422-427.

“Electric Propulsion for Remote Sensing from Low Orbits”, J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 22, 2, March 1999 (with A. Kogan).

“Orbit Transfer in a Resistive Medium with a Variable Thrust Hall Thruster”, J. of Spacecraft and Rockets, 36, 6, Nov. 1999 (with Y. Raitses, J. Ashkenazy, G. Appelbaum).

“Optimal Bounded Low Thrust Rendezvous with Fixed Terminal Approach Direction”, J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 24, 2, March-April 2001, pp. 378-385 (with M. Aleshin).

“Neoclassical Proportional Guidance Laws”, J. of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 24, 3, May-June 2001 (with P. Gurfil, M. Jodorkovsky).