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Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics


Publications List 2011

Baier, P.; Voelker, W.; Petri, N.; & Schilling, K.;
A simple and inexpensive wire motion capture device to the simulation of catheter procedures.
SESAM 2011, pp. 150, 2011
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Baier, P.; Voelker, W.; Petri, N.; & Schilling, K.;
Linear collision detection method to a sequenced points guide wire inside of arteries modeled by Sweep surfaces.
SESAM 2011, pp. 151, 2011
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Günther, J.P.; & Eck, D.;
Deliktische Haftung bei Assistenzsystemen zur Unterstützung der Mobilität durch Ambient Assisted Living
Technisierte Medizin - dehumanisierte Medizin?, 2011. pp.85-92
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Herrmann, C.; Ma, L. & Schilling, K.;
Model Predictive Control for Tumor Motion Compensation in Robot Assisted Radiotherapy
In Proceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress 2011, Milano, Italy, September 2011, pp. 5968-5973
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Kiefel, P.; Busch, S.; Wolfgang, D.; & Schilling, K.
Implementation, Calibration and Verification of a Kalman Filter based Attitude Determination System for the Picosatellite UWE‐3
Proceedings of 8th Int'l ESA Conference on Guidance & Navigation Control Systems, 2011
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Loureiro, G.; Busch, S.; Schmidt, M.& Schilling, K.
62nd International Astronautical Congress, Kapstadt , 2011
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Schilling, K.; Pranajaya, F.; Gill, E.; & Tsourdos, A.
Small Satellite Formations for Distributed Surveil-lance: System Design and Optimal Control Considerations
Proceedings NATO RTO Lecture Series SCI-231, . 2011
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Tzschichholz, T.;Ma, L.; & Schilling, K.;
Model-based spacecraft pose estimation and motion prediction using a photonic mixer device camera
Acta Astronautica Vol. 68, 2011. pp. 1156-1167
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Uhlschmied, C.; Eck, D.; Schilling, K.; Schens, I.; & Thomas, B.;
Safe Navigation for People with Degenerated Physical and Mental Skills
Proceedings of the 4. AAL Kongress, 2011, pp. 15.2
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Xu, Z.; Ma, L.; Wu, Z.; Schilling, K.; & Necsulescu, D.;
Teleoperating a Formation of Car-Like Rovers under Time Delays
30th Chinese Control Conference, 2011. pp.4095-4101
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