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Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

Major Projects

•    German cluster of excellence on medical technology: PI for the two tele-medicine projects “Support of autonomous life for patients in dialysis by telematics methods” (German ministry of research, 2010 - 2014) and “Remote monitoring of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and for home breathing support” (German ministry of research, 2010 - 2014)

•    Co-PI in  “Bio-sensor networks environment monitoring of large areas” integrating bees and robots for pollution detection (European Union, 2009 - 2013)

•    Coordinator for “UWE-3: University Würzburg’s Experimental satellite”, coordination of the student team implementing this Pico-satellite with a mass below 1 kg for addressing attitude control; to be launched in 2012 (sponsor: National Space Agency DLR, 2009 - 2011).“

•    Local coordinator for “FORROST - Robotic On-Orbit-Servicing Technologies” (Bavarian Research Foundation, 2010-2012).

•    Local coordinator of “SpaceMaster  - Master in Space Science and Technology”, a joint international Master program offered in cooperation by 6 European Universities, supported by the European Union in its program of excellence “Erasmus Mundus”, acting as German project coordinator, providing the first semester for all students (completely in English language). 2005-2010, extended in 2009 to 2015 (sponsor: EU)

•    Local coordinator for “SiNaFar – Save Navigation for autonomous robotic platforms” addressing cooperation of robotic land and air vehicles (2010 –2012)

•    International PhD-program on “Identification, Optimization and Control with Applications in Modern Technologies” (2007 – 2013, sponsor Bavarian Ministry of Science)

•    Management of the University's contribution to the Project "PeLoTe - Building Presence through Localisation for Hybrid Telematic Systems" (2002 -2004) funded by the EU "Future and Emerging Technologies" program related to "Presence". This project addresses the development of tele-presence methods to increase the capabilities of cooperating teams composed of humans and robots. The research integrates methods for remote control, navigation and shared knowledge bases in the example application context of a rescue team in emergency situations. Partners are the Czech Technical University Prag, Helsinki University of Technology and 2 companies.

•    Management of "International Quality Network in Mechatronics and Telematics" (2001 - 2003). The international university cooperation in research and education supports in the areas Mechatronics and Telematics the cooperation between the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, University Siegen and FH Ravensburg-Weingarten on the German side with well recognized universities in Northern America (Stanford University, Utah State University, Ohio University, Montana State University, Université de Sherbrooke), Asia (Soeul National University, Anna University, Siridhorn International Institute of Technology, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology North Bangkok) and Europe (King's College London, Helsinki University of Technology, Universitá di Bologna, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, Brest University). This cooperation including exchange and tele-education features is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

•    Management of the local contribution to "LearNet - Learning and experimenting with technical hardware via the web" (2001 - 2003). In cooperation with 6 Universities (Uni Bochum, TU München, TU Dresden, Fernuni Hagen, Uni Siegen, TU Cottbus) experiments are offered via Internet to the partner universities. This project is supported by the German Ministry for Science and Research in the framework of the program "New Media in University Teaching".

•    Management of the project "Analyses of Teleoperations Approaches Based on JAVA/CORBA" in the framework of the Academic Research Programs of the European Space Agency ESA (1999 - 2003). Here for the concrete application of tele-science, related to the International Space Station, up-to-date methods of remote sensor data acquisition and remote control of experiments by JAVA Servlets and Applets are investigated in order to design appropriate server/client-architectures to achieve a minimum use of computational resources in orbit.

•    Coordination of the European contributions to the project "TEAM - Tele-Education inAerospace and Mechatronics using a virtual international laboratory" (1999 - 2003), a tele-education consortium of 3 European (FH Ravensburg-Weingarten, Università di Bologna, Aalborg University) and 3 Canadian universities (Université de Sherbrooke, University of Victoria, University of Toronto), funded by the "EC/Canada Programme for Cooperation in Higher Education and Training". The technical contribution of FH Ravensburg-Weingarten deals with telematic methods for remote sensor data acquisition and for tele-operations of laboratory equipment via internet.

•    Coordination of the European contribution of the project "IECAT - Innovative Educational Concepts for Autonomous and Teleoperated Systems" (1999 - 2003), a consortium composed of 3 European (FH Ravensburg-Weingarten, Helsinki University of Technology, Universidad Carlos III Madrid) and 3 US universities (Ohio University, Utah State University, University of Colorado), funded by the "EU/US-Program for Cooperation in Higher Education". Laboratory experiments related to space robotics and mechatronics are exchanged via internet with the partner universities for use in tele-education. Our technical contribution addresses methods for remote sensor data acquisition and data processing, as well as tele-operations of remote equipment and instruments via internet.

•    Management of the subproject "Telematics and Control Engineering" in the project "VVL - Consortium Virtual Laboratory" in the framework of the program "Virtual University" of the state Baden-Württemberg (1998-2003). For tele-education use, this project develops educational units for self-studying and laboratory experiments, which are provided to the students of all partner universities via internet.

•    Scientific coordinator of the contributions for "RETRARO - Use of the Expert System Platform REAKT for Transport Robot Guidance" (1995-1997), funded in the framework of the European informatics research program ESPRIT, as associated subcontractor to Steinbeis transfer center ARS. The work related to the development of a sensor and control system for autonomous, industrial transport vehicles.

•    Management of the ARS contributions for the project SMART (1998 - 2000), financed by the informatics research program ESPRIT of the European Union. Our area of responsibility included the development of an adaptive sensor and control system for autonomous navigation of transport vehicles in industrial environments.

•    Project manager of ARS for the development of the European mini-rover for Mars exploration, the "Mobile Instrument Deployment Device (MIDD)" (1994 - 1997), in contract to ESA. Responsibilities included
    definition of system design,
    hard- and software regarding the navigation system,
    design of the Lander / Vehicle tele-operations concept on Mars,
    sensor system and data processing for the remote control system.

•    Management of ARS contributions regarding mission analyses and design of the attitude control system for the scientific small satellites EUVSAT and ABRIXAS (1993 - 1994), in contract of the German Space Agency (DARA) within the industrial consortium of Kayser-Threde GmbH.

•    Management of the study on "Adaptive Sample Acquisition during ROSETTA On-Comet Operations" (1991 - 1992) for ARS in direct contract from ESA for the development of efficient strategies on material sample acquisition from a cometary surface, using adaptive control schemes and a simulation of the mechanical properties of the spacecraft and the cometary environment.

•    Study manager for the Dornier (now EADS/Astrium) contributions to the ESA cornerstone mission (in cooperation with NASA) "Rosetta/Comet Nucleus Sample Return - System Definition Study" with responsibility for
    mission analyses
    descent system design
    thermal control
    energy control and electro-magnetic cleanliness
    conceptual design of the landing module
    definitions of on-comet operations

•    Cassini/Huygens : Study manager for Dornier (now EADS / Astrium) of "Cassini Titan Probe - Phase A Study" in contract of ESA, analysing system design and feasibility of the Huygens probe for the descent through the Titan atmosphere within this ESA/NASA mission. Responsibilities included
    mission analyses
    descent system on basis of multiple parachutes
    thermal control
    on-board data handling and processing system
    autonomous reaction capabilities