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Chair of Computer Science VII - Robotics and Telematics

International Postgraduate Program

"International PhD-Program on "Identification, Optimization and Control with Applications in Modern Technologies"


“This international graduate program is devoted to problems of identification, optimization and control of systems and processes in the context of complex engineering, medical and economical applications. The scope of the research to be conducted ranges from mathematical modeling, analysis, the development of algorithms and their numerical implementation on high performance computers.”         -- ENB website
There are three universities from the region of northern Bavaria which are involved in this post graduate program, namely University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, University of Bayreuth, and University of Würzburg. Informatik VII, the Department of Robotics and Telematics from University of Würzburg, is the only chair in this graduate program which deals with engineering problems. Research on robotic problems always aims at achieving optimized solutions based on various mathematical models and is greatly aided by the joint effort from different research groups.
For more information (including potential topics for doctoral dissertation), please refer the official website.

"SpaceMaster - Joint European Master in Space Science and Technology"


This international MSc program has been selected as European Elite program in the "ERASMUS MUNDUS" framework. At University Würzburg the faculties Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as Physics and Astronomy cooperate to offer together with the partner universities in Sweden, UK, Czech Republic, Finland and France an international program in the area of space science and spacecraft technology. For students from Europe and from all over the world generouos scholarship opportunities are offered by the European Union.
[SpaceMaster at University of Würzburg]  [SpaceMaster Overview] 



This is an international master (MSc.) program in Satellite Technology (in English) at the University of Würzburg. SaTec, short for "Satellite Technology - Advanced Space Systems", begins in Winter Semester 2018 and is supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Other Opportunities for PhD-scholarships

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