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XtAI Labs

The XtAI Labs provides knowledge about the most important steps and tools for the design and development of an XtAI application. Knowledge such as common data handling and processing techniques, libraries, and integration with augmented reality applications will be taught in a theoretical or hands-on format. Group work will include planning, design, creation, evaluation, and refinement of a comprehensive XtAI application models.

   Introductory event XtAI Labs:  Date: 19.10.2022, 12:00 p.m., Location: HS 4 (Lecture Hall), the Science Lecture Hall Building (P4)     

The following lecture chairs currently offer XtAI Labs:

WueCampus course

Introductory event

At the XtAI Labs introductory event, chairs IV, IX, X and XV will provide information on XtAI Labs and topics offered this winter term.

Date: 19.10.2022, 12.p.m
Location: HS 4 (Lecture Hall 4), the Science Lecture Hall Building (P4)