Data Science Chair

    Janna Omeliyanenko, M.Sc.

    Chair of Data Science (Informatik X)
    University of Würzburg
    Am Hubland
    97074 Würzburg

    Email: janna.omeliyanenko[at]uni-wuerzburg.de

    Phone: (+49 931)  31 - 83384

    Office: Room B104/105 (Computer Science Building M2)

    Projects and Research Interests

    Knowledge Graph - Artificial Intelligence  -  Machine Learning - Natural Language Processing

    Since the early 2019, I am part of the DMIR research group. As part of the NLP group, I am investigating approaches to combine structured knowledge representations such as knowledge graphs and unstructured knowledge representations such as language models to improve model performance.


    • NLP and Text Mining (winter term  2019)
    • Seminar "Selected Chapters from Machine Learning" (winter term 2020)
    • Seminar "Selected Chapters from Machine Learning" (summer term 2021)
    • XtAI Lab I (winter term 2020)
    • XtAI Lab II (summer term 2021)


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