Data Science Chair

    Albin Zehe, M.Sc.

    Albin Zehe

    Chair of Data Science (Informatik X)
    University of Würzburg
    Campus Hubland Nord
    Emil-Fischer-Straße 50
    97074 Würzburg

    Email: zehe <at>

    Phone: (+49 931)  31 - 83217

    Office: Room 03.021 (CAIDAS Building)


    Fingerprint: 4595 A504 61B7 CF2C 43FA 0479 D761 1688 5D96 19FE

    Research Interests

    My main interests are in the areas of Text Mining, Neural Networks and Classification in general. I also like to push reluctant people towards doing research in NLP :)
    My Master's Thesis was on Sentiment Analysis in the domain of literature,  which is generally still my core research area: I'm trying to find new ways of analysing novels using computers.

    In my spare time, I like to read books (mostly everything written by Tolkien ;)1), watch TV shows and play Dota 2.


    • Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing (Summer 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)
    • Praktikum: Natural Language Processing (frequently)
    • Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures (Winter Term 2017/2018)
    • Information Retrieval (Summer 2017)
    • Seminar Web 2.0 (Summer 2017)

    Selected Publications

    This is a list of selected publications I have co-authored.

    A complete list can be found here.

    2022[ to top ]
    • One Graph to Rule them Al...
      One Graph to Rule them All: Using NLP and Graph Neural Networks to analyse Tolkien’s Legendarium. Perri, Vincenzo; Qarkaxhija, Lisi; Zehe, Albin; Hotho, Andreas; Scholtes, Ingo. In Proceedings of the Computational Humanities Research Conference 2022, CHR 2022, Antwerp, Belgium, December 12-14, 2022, Vol. 3290 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, F. Karsdorp, K. L. Nielbo (eds.), pp. 291–317., 2022.
    2021[ to top ]
    • Detecting Scenes in Ficti...
      Detecting Scenes in Fiction: A new Segmentation Task. Zehe, Albin; Konle, Leonard; Dümpelmann, Lea; Gius, Evelyn; Hotho, Andreas; Jannidis, Fotis; Kaufmann, Lucas; Krug, Markus; Puppe, Frank; Reiter, Nils; Schreiber, Annekea; Wiedmer, Nathalie. In Proceedings of the 16th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Volume 1, Long Papers. ACL, 2021.
    2020[ to top ]
    • Emote-Controlled: Obtaining Implicit Viewer Feedback through Emote based Sentiment Analysis on Comments of Popular Channels. Kobs, Konstantin; Zehe, Albin; Bernstetter, Armin; Chibane, Julian; Pfister, Jan; Tritscher, Julian; Hotho, Andreas. In ACM Transactions on Social Computing. 2020.
    • HarryMotions – Classify...
      HarryMotions – Classifying Relationships in Harry Potter based on Emotion Analysis. Zehe, Albin; Arns, Julia; Hettinger, Lena; Hotho, Andreas. In 5th SwissText & 16th KONVENS Joint Conference. 2020.
    • Time Series Forecasting for Self-Aware Systems. Bauer, A.; Züfle, M.; Herbst, N.; Zehe, A.; Hotho, A.; Kounev, S. In Proceedings of the IEEE, pp. 1–26. 2020.
    2018[ to top ]
    • Analysing Direct Speech i...
      Analysing Direct Speech in German Novels. Jannidis, Fotis; Konle, Leonard; Zehe, Albin; Hotho, Andreas; Krug, Markus. In DHd 2018. 2018.
    2017[ to top ]
    • Towards Sentiment Analysi...
      Towards Sentiment Analysis on German Literature. Zehe, Albin; Becker, Martin; Jannidis, Fotis; Hotho, Andreas. In Joint German/Austrian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (K\"unstliche Intelligenz), pp. 387–394. Springer, 2017.
    2016[ to top ]
    • Prediction of Happy Endin...
      Prediction of Happy Endings in German Novels. Zehe, Albin; Becker, Martin; Hettinger, Lena; Hotho, Andreas; Reger, Isabella; Jannidis, Fotis. In Proceedings of the Workshop on Interactions between Data Mining and Natural Language Processing 2016, P. Cellier, T. Charnois, A. Hotho, S. Matwin, M.-F. Moens, Y. Toussaint (eds.), pp. 9–16. 2016.

    Other Scientific Activities


    • Reviewer for ARR
    • PC member for ACL 2021 & 2023
    • PC member for EMNLP 2021 & 2022
    • PC member for ECMLPKDD 2020 & 2021
    • PC member for ECAI 2020
    • PC member for AAAI 2020, 2021 & 2022 Student Programs
    • PC member for LaTeCH-CLfL 2021, 2022, 2023
    • Reviewer for ZfdG
    • Reviewer for DHd 2019, 2020 & 2023
    • Subreviewer for several conferences and journals

    Challenges and Shared Tasks