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    The Data Science Chair at the University of Würzburg celebrates its data storage infrastructure finally reaching the milestone of 1 PetaByte raw storage capacity.

    With further expansion on the horizon for later this year, our Ceph based cluster is getting ready for our future scientific endeavours that are driven by large-scale datasets from various domains, like Natural Language Processing, Environmental Research, Recommender Systems and others.

    More information about our cluster can be found at the following link:


    We are hiring!


    We currently have two open positions for PhD students! Check here for more information on what you can do at our chair and how to apply.


    The "NLP colloquium", a series of online research talks on methodological developments and interesting applications in/of Natural Language Processing will start this week. The colloquium is organized by the Chair for NLP (Prof. Glavaš), in collaboration with the Chairs for Data Science (Prof. Hotho) and Computational Philology (Prof. Jannidis).        



    Das #Verkehrsministerium unterstützt das #P-BIM Projekt zur KI-gestützten Brückenüberwachung. Projektstart ist der 01.09.2022. Mit dem Projekt sollen Brückenzustände auf smarte Art und Weise ermittelt und Schäden frühzeitig erkannt werden.