Data Science Chair

    Seminar: Ausgewählte Themen des Machine Learning (BA and MA)

    Overall Information

    Organizer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho, Martin RacklTobias Koopmann

    Contact: lsx-seminar[at]

    If you are interested in taking part in this seminar, please self-enroll into our WueCampus course. Further information about topics, meetings, etc will be made available via the WueCampus course. This seminar is open to BA and MA students.

    The Kickoff date will be the 18.04.24 at 15:00 in meeting room 03.012 of the CAIDAS building
     (third floor). 


    In this seminar, students will read their assigned main paper, decide with their supervisor on at least one related paper and write an elaboration on the main concepts of these papers. To this end, students will research related literature and review the main algorithm presented in the paper. The goals are:

    1. Write an elaboration which explains the given algorithm in a concise way. The elaboration must adhere to standards of scientific writing and use appropriate references.
    2. Give a presentation on the topic of the elaboration to other participants of the seminar.

    Proof of performance

    You must submit the following to the supervisor via email as separate documents:

    • the slide set for the presentation
    • a short abstract of the talk
    • a 6 - page LaTeX elaboration using the template provided by us excluding bibliography

    Prior consultation with the supervisor is expressly advised.

    The duration of the presentation is mandatory 20 minutes, after the presentation there will be a discussion in the seminar group (approx. 10 minutes). The presentation (incl. slides and abstract) will be graded with 40%, the paper with 30%. The last 30% evaluates the preparation, participation in the discussion group (especially with other presentations), independence of the elaboration and adherence to deadlines.

    Editing tips

    You can refer to the book

    Markus Deininger and Horst Lichter and Jochen Ludewig and Kurt Schneider. Studien-Arbeiten: ein Leitfaden zur Vorbereitung, Durchführung und Betreuung von Studien-, Diplom- Abschluss- und Doktorarbeiten am Beispiel Informatik. 5th edition. vdf Hochschulverlag, Zurich, 2005. 

    as guideline for the preparation of a good seminar paper (incl. presentation and elaboration). We recommend the purchase of this book (9,50 €), because it can accompany you until the master thesis (and further). The grading of the seminar paper is done according to the scheme given there on page 77, adapted to the requirements of a seminar paper.