Data Science Chair

    Machine Learning for Time Series and Anomaly Detection

    Lecture Times and Location

    Lectures will take place on Wednesday, 12-14h in Seminarraum 3, CAIDAS building (Geb. 50) starting from 18.10.2023.

    Exercises will take place on Thursday, 16-18h in Seminarraum 3, CAIDAS building (Geb. 50) starting from 26.10.2023.


    Contents of the Lecture

    The lecture on Machine Learning for Time Series and Anomaly Detection will focus on two seperate topics, ML for Time Series (TS) and ML for Anomaly Detection (AD). The first half of the lectures held by Daniel Schlör (approximately until 01.12.23) will focus on AD (in general, not time-series specific) while the later half of the lectures held by Anna Krause will focus on TS analysis.

    The lecture is accompanied by an exercise in which we work through the most important concepts and algorithms in practice.

    Before the exam, we plan to use one lecture slot for repetition to recall the concepts from the first part of the lecture.

    In the exam (approximately early Feburary), concepts of both parts of the lecture, AD and TS, will be covered equally.

    Further and most recent information will by provided in the associated WueCampus course:

    https://wuecampus.uni-wuerzburg.de/moodle/course/view.php?id=61965 enrollment key: ML4TSAD