Data Science Chair

    Open Topics

    The following pages show open topics for practica, bachelor and master theses, sorted by different research fields. We will be happy to provide information on further open topics upon request.

    In the case of excellent performance there is also the chance to submit the thesis as an article to a computer science conference and to be co-author on a scientific publication early in your studies!

    Digital Humanities and Natural Language Processing

    We collaborate with literary scholars on questions like detection of direct speech or sentiment analysis in a literary context. 

    Environmental Science

    Answering questions regarding environmental factors using machine learning and raising awareness about environmental circumstances.

    Recommender Systems

    Development of new methods to recommend items to users in a variety of application scenarios.

    Security and Fraud

    Detecting security incidents and fraud in enterprise environments


    Topics covering other research subjects, e.g.enhancing  images with machine learning identifying brain activity.