Data Science Chair


    Supervised Theses

    • Ion Alexandru Sangeorzan (2013): Bachelor Thesis "Tag Sense Disambiguation through Clustering"
    • Sebastian Rost (2013): Student Project "Automatisches Vervollständigen und Vorschlagen von Suchanfragen"
    • Daniel Schlör (2014): Student Project and Master Thesis "Semantische Analyse von Web-Traffic"
    • Luzian Hahn (2016): Student Project "Learning Word Embeddings from Tagging Data"
    • Tobias Koopmann (2016): Student Project "Influence of Random Walk Strategies on the Extraction of Semantic Relatedness"
    • Luzian Hahn (2017): Master Thesis "Ontology Learning with domain-adaptable relatedness measures"

    Assisted Lectures

    Data Mining

    • SS12
    • SS13

    Seminar "Selected Chapters from the Web 2.0"

    Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures