Data Science Chair

    Martin Becker

    Dr. Martin Becker

    University of Würzburg
    Department for Artificial Intelligence
    and Applied Computer Science
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg


    Homepage: https://martin-becker.net
    Twitter: @mgbckr
    Github: https://github.com/mgbckr

    After a stay at the University of Texas, Austin, I have received my diploma degree in Computer Science in 2011 at the University of Würzburg working on subgroup discovery and exceptional model mining. Subsequently, I have been part of the DMIR Research Group lead by Andreas Hotho, where, in 2018, I finished my PhD thesis on"Understanding Human Navigation using Bayesian Hypothesis Comparison" with the best possible grade (summa cum laude). In the same year, I started working atNima Agheepour's lab at Stanford University researching in the field of "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Multiomics Integration for Clinical Immunology".

    With the DMIR group, I have been working on a variety interesting research subjects including behavioral change in participatory sensing campaigns and the internet of things (EveryAware), semantics (Posts II), digital humanities (Kallimachos), and sport analytics. My main focus was navigational behavior models in different contexts such as human mobility as well various forms of web navigation, e.g., in crowdsourcing environments, social bookmarking systems like BibSonomy, or Wikipedia. On a methodological level I passionately worked on Bayesian methods such as model comparison via Bayes factors or Bayesian models for explaining sequential data. 

    Please note that this page is not actively maintained. For more current information please visit: https://martin-becker.net

    Projects at DMIR

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    • EveryAware
    • Posts II
    • Kallimachos
    • p2map

    Workshop PC Member

    (as of 2018)


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    2020 [ nach oben ]

    • Integration of Mechanistic Immunological Knowledge into a Machine Learning Pipeline Increases Predictive Power. Culos, Anthony; Tsai, Amy S.; Stanley, Natalie; Becker, Martin; Ghaemi, Mohammad S.; Mcilwain, David R.; Fallahzadeh, Ramin; Tanada, Athena; Nassar, Huda; Ganio, Edward; Peterson, Laura; Han, Xiaoyuan; Stelzer, ina; Ando, Kazuo; Gaudilliere, Dyani; Phongpreecha, Thanaphong; Mari’c, Ivana; Chang, Alan L.; Shaw, Gary M.; Stevenson, David K.; Bendall, Sean; Davis, Kara L.; Fantl, Wendy; Nolan, Garry P.; Hastie, Trevor; Tibshirani, Robert; Angst, Martin S.; Gaudilliere, Brice; Aghaeepour, Nima in bioRxiv (2020).
    • OpenLUR: Off-the-shelf air pollution modeling with open features and machine learning. Lautenschlager, Florian; Becker, Martin; Kobs, Konstantin; Steininger, Michael; Davidson, Padraig; Krause, Anna; Hotho, Andreas in Atmospheric Environment (2020). 233 117535.
    • MapLUR: Exploring a New P... - Download
      VoPo leverages cellular heterogeneity for predictive modeling of single-cell data. Stanley, Natalie; Stelzer, Ina A.; Tsai, Amy S.; Fallahzadeh, Ramin; Ganio, Edward; Becker, Martin; Phongpreecha, Thanaphong; Nassar, Huda; Ghaemi, Sajjad; Maric, Ivana; Culos, Anthony; Chang, Alan L.; Xenochristou, Maria; Han, Xiaoyuan; Espinosa, Camilo; Rumer, Kristen; Peterson, Laura; Verdonk, Franck; Gaudilliere, Dyani; Tsai, Eileen; Feyaerts, Dorien; Einhaus, Jakob; Ando, Kazuo; Wong, Ronald J.; Obermoser, Gerlinde; Shaw, Gary M.; Stevenson, David K.; Angst, Martin S.; Gaudilliere, Brice; Aghaeepour, Nima in Nature Communications (2020). 11(1) 3738--.
    • Integration of Mechanisti... - Download
      MapLUR: Exploring a New Paradigm for Estimating Air Pollution Using Deep Learning on Map Images. Steininger, Michael; Kobs, Konstantin; Zehe, Albin; Lautenschlager, Florian; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas in ACM Transactions on Spatial Algorithms and Systems (TSAS) (2020). 6(3) 1–24.

    2018 [ nach oben ]

    • EveryAware Gears: A Tool ... - Download
      Understanding Human Navigation using Bayesian Hypothesis Comparison. Technical Report (PhD dissertation), Becker, Martin (2018).
    • Adaptive kNN Using Expect... - Download
      Air Trails--Urban Air Quality Campaign Exploration Patterns. Becker, Martin; Lautenschlager, Florian; Hotho, Andreas (2018).
    • Air Trails--Urban Air Qua... - Download
      Adaptive kNN Using Expected Accuracy for Classification of Geo-spatial Data. Kibanov, Mark; Becker, Martin; Mueller, Juergen; Atzmueller, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd in SAC ’18 (2018). 857–865.
    • Healing Time Correlates W... - Download
      EveryAware Gears: A Tool to visualize and analyze all types of Citizen Science Data. Lautenschlager, Florian; Becker, Martin; Steininger, Michael; Hotho, Andreas D. Burghardt, S. Chen, G. Andrienko, N. Andrienko, R. Purves, A. Diehl (eds.) (2018).
    • pysubgroup: Easy-to-Use Subgroup Discovery in Python. Lemmerich, Florian; Becker, Martin in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, U. Brefeld, E. Curry, E. Daly, B. MacNamee, A. Marascu, F. Pinelli, M. Berlingerio, N. Hurley (eds.) (2018). (Vol. 11053) 658–662.
    • A White-Box Model for Det... - Download
      Burrows’ Zeta: Exploring and Evaluating Variants and Parameters. Schöch, Christof; Schlör, Daniel; Zehe, Albin; Gebhard, Henning; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas J. G. Palau, I. G. Russell (eds.) (2018). 274–277.
    • pysubgroup: Easy-to-Use S... - Download
      Healing Time Correlates With the Quality of Scaring: Results From a Prospective Randomized Control Donor Site Trial. Werdin, Frank; Tenenhaus, Mayer; Becker, Martin; Rennekampff, Hans-Oliver in Dermatologic Surgery (2018). 44(4) 521–527.
    • A White-Box Model for Detecting Author Nationality by Linguistic Differences in Spanish Novels. Zehe, Albin; Schlör, Daniel; Henny-Krahmer, Ulrike; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas J. G. Palau, I. G. Russell (eds.) (2018). 519–521.

    2017 [ nach oben ]

    • Experimental Assessment o... - Download
      Applications for Environmental Sensing in EveryAware. Atzmueller, Martin; Becker, Martin; Molino, Andrea; Mueller, Juergen; Peters, Jan; Sirbu, Alina in Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness, V. Loreto, M. Haklay, A. Hotho, V. D. Servedio, G. Stumme, F. Tria, J. Theunis (eds.) (2017). 135–155.
    • Towards Sentiment Analysi... - Download
      Collective Sensing Platforms. Atzmueller, Martin; Becker, Martin; Mueller, Juergen in Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness, V. Loreto, M. Haklay, A. Hotho, V. D. Servedio, G. Stumme, F. Tria, J. Theunis (eds.) (2017). 115–133.
    • Comparing Hypotheses Abou... - Download
      MixedTrails: Bayesian hypothesis comparison on heterogeneous sequential data. Becker, Martin; Lemmerich, Florian; Singer, Philipp; Strohmaier, Markus; Hotho, Andreas in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (2017). 31(5) 1359–1390.
    • Learning Semantic Related... - Download
      Experimental Assessment of the Emergence of Awareness and Its Influence on Behavioral Changes: The Everyaware Lesson. Gravino, Pietro; Sirbu, Alina; Becker, Martin; Servedio, Vito DP; Loreto, Vittorio in Participatory Sensing, Opinions and Collective Awareness (2017). 337–362.
    • Sedentary Behavior among ... - Download
      Comparing Hypotheses About Sequential Data: A Bayesian Approach and Its Applications. Lemmerich, Florian; Singer, Philipp; Becker, Martin; Espin-Noboa, Lisette; Dimitrov, Dimitar; Helic, Denis; Hotho, Andreas; Strohmaier, Markus (2017). 354–357.
    • Eleven-Week Preparation I... - Download
      Learning Semantic Relatedness from Human Feedback Using Relative Relatedness Learning. Niebler, Thomas; Becker, Martin; Pölitz, Christian; Hotho, Andreas N. Nikitina, D. Song, A. Fokoue, P. Haase (eds.) (2017).
    • MixedTrails: Bayesian hyp... - Download
      Sedentary Behavior among National Elite Rowers during Off-Training—A Pilot Study. Sperlich, Billy; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Wallmann-Sperlich, Birgit; Sareban, Mahdi; Winkert, Kay; Steinacker, Jürgen M.; Treff, Gunnar in Frontiers in Physiology (2017). 8 655.
    • Applications for Environm... - Download
      Eleven-Week Preparation Involving Polarized Intensity Distribution Is Not Superior to Pyramidal Distribution in National Elite Rowers. Treff, Gunnar; Winkert, Kay; Sareban, Mahdi; Steinacker, Jürgen M.; Becker, Martin; Sperlich, Billy in Frontiers in Physiology (2017). 8 515.
    • Collective Sensing Platfo... - Download
      Towards Sentiment Analysis on German Literature. Zehe, Albin; Becker, Martin; Jannidis, Fotis; Hotho, Andreas (2017). 387–394.

    2016 [ nach oben ]

    • Extracting Semantics from... - Download
      SparkTrails: A MapReduce Implementation of HypTrails for Comparing Hypotheses About Human Trails. Becker, Martin; Mewes, Hauke; Hotho, Andreas; Dimitrov, Dimitar; Lemmerich, Florian; Strohmaier, Markus in WWW ’16 Companion (2016). 17–18.
    • FolkTrails: Interpreting ... - Download
      Mining Subgroups with Exceptional Transition Behavior. Lemmerich, Florian; Becker, Martin; Singer, Philipp; Helic, Denis; Hotho, Andreas; Strohmaier, Markus in KDD ’16 (2016). 965–974.
    • Prediction of Happy Endin... - Download
      FolkTrails: Interpreting navigation behavior in a social tagging system. Niebler, Thomas; Becker, Martin; Zoller, Daniel; Doerfel, Stephan; Hotho, Andreas in CIKM ’16 (2016). 2311–2316.
    • SparkTrails: A MapReduce ... - Download
      Extracting Semantics from unconstrained navigation on wikipedia. Niebler, Thomas; Schlör, Daniel; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas in KI - Künstliche Intelligenz (2016). 30(2) 163–168.
    • Mining Subgroups with Exc... - Download
      Prediction of Happy Endings in German Novels. Zehe, Albin; Becker, Martin; Hettinger, Lena; Hotho, Andreas; Reger, Isabella; Jannidis, Fotis P. Cellier, T. Charnois, A. Hotho, S. Matwin, M.-F. Moens, Y. Toussaint (eds.) (2016). 9–16.

    2015 [ nach oben ]

    • Photowalking the City: Co... - Download
      Exploratory Subgroup Analytics on Ubiquitous Data. Atzmueller, Martin; Mueller, Juergen; Becker, Martin in Mining, Modeling and Recommending ’Things’ in Social Media, M. Atzmueller, A. Chin, C. Scholz, C. Trattner (eds.) (2015). 1–20.
    • VizTrails: An Information... - Download
      Exploratory Subgroup Analytics on Ubiquitous Data. Atzmueller, Martin; Mueller, Juergen; Becker, Martin M. Atzmueller, A. Chin, C. Scholz, C. Trattner (eds.) (2015). 1–20.
    • Exploratory Subgroup Anal... - Download
      MicroTrails: Comparing Hypotheses About Task Selection on a Crowdsourcing Platform. Becker, Martin; Borchert, Kathrin; Hirth, Matthias; Mewes, Hauke; Hotho, Andreas; Tran-Gia, Phuoc (2015). 10:1–.
    • Participatory patterns in... - Download
      Photowalking the City: Comparing Hypotheses About Urban Photo Trails on Flickr. Becker, Martin; Singer, Philipp; Lemmerich, Florian; Hotho, Andreas; Helic, Denis; Strohmaier, Markus T.-Y. Liu, C. N. Scollon, W. Zhu (eds.) (2015). 227–244.
    • ConDist: A Context-Driven... - Download
      VizTrails: An Information Visualization Tool for Exploring Geographic Movement Trajectories. Becker, Martin; Singer, Philipp; Lemmerich, Florian; Hotho, Andreas; Helic, Denis; Strohmaier, Markus in HT ’15 (2015). 319–320.
    • Genre Classification on G... - Download
      Genre Classification on German Novels. Hettinger, Lena; Becker, Martin; Reger, Isabella; Jannidis, Fotis; Hotho, Andreas (2015). 249–253.
    • MicroTrails: Comparing Hy... - Download
      ConDist: A Context-Driven Categorical Distance Measure. Ring, Markus; Otto, Florian; Becker, Martin; Niebler, Thomas; Landes, Dieter; Hotho, Andreas A. Appice, P. P. Rodrigues, V. S. Costa, C. Soares, J. Gama, A. Jorge (eds.) (2015). 251–266.
    • Exploratory Subgroup Anal... - Download
      Participatory patterns in an international air quality monitoring initiative. Sirbu, Alina; Becker, Martin; Caminiti, Saverio; De Baets, Bernard; Elen, Bart; Francis, Louise; Gravino, Pietro; Hotho, Andreas; Ingarra, Stefano; Loreto, Vittorio; Molino, Andrea; Mueller, Juergen; Peters, Jan; Ricchiuti, Ferdinando; Saracino, Fabio; Servedio, Vito D. P.; Stumme, Gerd; Theunis, Jan; Tria, Francesca; Van den Bossche, Joris in PLoS ONE (2015). 10(8) e0136763.

    2014 [ nach oben ]

    • Subjective vs. Objective ... - Download
      Ubicon and its applications for ubiquitous social computing. Atzmueller, Martin; Becker, Martin; Kibanov, Mark; Scholz, Christoph; Doerfel, Stephan; Hotho, Andreas; Macek, Bjoern-Elmar; Mitzlaff, Folke; Mueller, Juergen; Stumme, Gerd in New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia (2014). 20(1) 53–77.
    • Ubicon and its applicatio... - Download
      Subjective vs. Objective Data: Bridging the Gap. Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Mueller, Juergen; Kibanov, Mark; Atzmueller, Martin; Stumme, Gerd (2014).

    2013 [ nach oben ]

    • A Generic Platform for Ub... - Download
      Awareness and learning in participatory noise sensing. Becker, Martin; Caminiti, Saverio; Fiorella, Donato; Francis, Louise; Gravino, Pietro; Haklay, Mordechai (Muki); Hotho, Andreas; Loreto, Vittorio; Mueller, Juergen; Ricchiuti, Ferdinando; Servedio, Vito D. P.; Sirbu, Alina; Tria, Francesca in PLOS ONE (2013). 8(12) e81638.
    • Awareness and learning in... - Download
      A Generic Platform for Ubiquitous and Subjective Data. Becker, Martin; Mueller, Juergen; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd in UbiComp ’13 Adjunct (2013). 1175–1182.
    • Tag Recommendations for S... - Download
      Difference-Based Estimates for Generalization-Aware Subgroup Discovery. Lemmerich, Florian; Becker, Martin; Puppe, Frank in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, H. Blockeel, K. Kersting, S. Nijssen, F. Zelezny (eds.) (2013). 288–303.
    • Difference-Based Estimate... - Download
      Tag Recommendations for SensorFolkSonomies. Mueller, Juergen; Doerfel, Stephan; Becker, Martin; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd in CEUR Workshop Proceedings (2013).

    2012 [ nach oben ]

    • Ubicon: Observing Social ... - Download
      Ubicon: Observing Social and Physical Activities. Atzmueller, Martin; Becker, Martin; Doerfel, Stephan; Kibanov, Mark; Hotho, Andreas; Macek, Björn-Elmar; Mitzlaff, Folke; Mueller, Juergen; Scholz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd (2012). 317–324.
    • Generic Pattern Trees for... - Download
      Generic Pattern Trees for Exhaustive Exceptional Model Mining. Lemmerich, Florian; Becker, Martin; Atzmueller, Martin P. A. Flach, T. De Bie, N. Cristianini (eds.) (2012). 277–292.

    2011 [ nach oben ]

    • Constraint Based Descript... - Download
      Constraint Based Descriptive Pattern Mining. Technical Report (Master thesis), Becker, Martin PhD thesis, University of Wuerzburg. (2011).


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