Data Science Chair

    Mozart & KI (concluded)

    The "Mozart Genom" project, funded by the Bayerische Sparkassenstiftung, is organized as a sub-project of the Mozart & AI initiative and approaches the question of what makes compositions by composers such as Mozart so special with the help of artificial intelligence. The project applies methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the application domain of music. Together with students different views on Data Science projects will be explored in order to develop accessible sample applications. These applications are intended to give interested users access to classical music, composition and artificial intelligence in a playful way, for example in the context of the Mozart Festival or at schools.


    The following staff members are involved in this project:


    You can try our Mozart Genom Project within the "Mozart & More" Mozartfest Augmented Reality App for mobile phones and tablets. Find the Mozart & More App here (Google Play Store / Apple App Store, mobile-only link) and point your camera to our Mozart Genom poster to see additional information and try our app.