Deutsch Intern
    Data Science Chair

    Sprachverarbeitung und Text Mining

    (Natural Language Processing and Text Mining)

    Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho

    Contact: Janna Omeliyanenko

    Time: Wednesday 10:15am - 11:45am

    Begin: 20.10.2021

    WueCampus course

    Lecture Format:

    According to the current regulations of the University of Würzburg, our lecture is regularly scheduled on site. To facilitate the organization, we will hold the first lecture on Wednesday, 20.10. via Zoom. All further lectures as well as all exercises will take place on site according to the current schedule. 

    Time and location:

    The lecture material is provided via WueCampus course

    Corona regulations:

    Since our events are held on-site, we would like to point out the current Corona regulations of the university. You can view the current corona regulations on the official university website. Please pay special attention to the current 3G regulations in case of increased 7-day incidence in the city of Würzburg and prepare for necessary tests if necessary. Further information about our event will be announced in WueCampus.


    It is not necessary to register for the lecture or exercises. 
    In order to get access to teaching materials and current announcements you need to register for WueCampus course.

    To participate in the exam you must register for the exam via WueStudy.
    All further information on this can be found in our WueCampus course.

    Objective of the lecture

    This lecture teaches the fundamentals of natural language processing and text mining.

    These include, among others:

    • Stemming
    • Part-of-speech tagging
    • Syntax parsing
    • Word similarity calculation
    • Coreference resolution
    • Latent Dirichlet Allocation