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    BibSonomy is a social bookmarking system as well as the underlying technical platform (which also is the basis for PUMA). The system enables users to share and annotate bookmarks and publications. The system is online since 2006 and is used by scientists all over the world to find, collect, manage, and cite scientific literature and to create and present publication lists. BibSonomy is publicly available and free to use.

    BibSonomy is run and developed by the Data Science Chair in cooperation with the KDE group of the University of Kassel, and the L3S Research Center, Germany.

    You can follow news on BibSonomy in our blog or on Twitter.


    • Developer infos (source code, wiki) can be found at BitBucket.
    • For researchers we offer datasets (anonymized, regular snapshots of data, containing posts with users, resources, and tags)


    Here is a list of selected publications that discuss the system. For a full list, please see here.

    • Leveraging User-Interacti...
      Leveraging User-Interactions for Time-Aware Tag Recommendations Zoller, Daniel; Doerfel, Stephan; Pölitz, Christian; Hotho, Andreas in Proceedings of the Workshop on Temporal Reasoning in Recommender Systems, {CEUR} Workshop Proceedings (2017).
    • FolkTrails: Interpreting ...
      FolkTrails: Interpreting Navigation Behavior in a Social Tagging System Niebler, Thomas; Becker, Martin; Zoller, Daniel; Doerfel, Stephan; Hotho, Andreas in Proceedings of the 25th ACM International on Conference on Information and Knowledge Management, CIKM ’16 (2016).
    • Posted, Visited, Exported...
      Posted, Visited, Exported: Altmetrics in the Social Tagging System BibSonomy Zoller, Daniel; Doerfel, Stephan; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd; Hotho, Andreas in Journal of Informetrics (2016). 10(3) 732–749.
    • The Social Bookmark and P...
      The Social Bookmark and Publication Management System BibSonomy Benz, Dominik; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Krause, Beate; Mitzlaff, Folke; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in The VLDB Journal (2010). 19(6) 849–875.
    • Information Retrieval in ...
      Information Retrieval in Folksonomies: Search and Ranking Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd in Proceedings of the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference, LNCS (2006). (Vol. 4011) 411–426.


    The following persons are involved in this project:

    Information for students

    In the context of this project we offer bachelor and master theses, as well as practica and HiWi jobs. If you are interested please contact Jan Pfister or Prof. Dr. Andreas Hotho.