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    REGIO - A mapping of the origins and success of Cooperation relationships in regional research networks and innovation clusters

    Science and innovation are characterized by local interaction: Actors tend to prefer to cooperate with actors in their "closeness", where "closeness" can refer to different dimensions and properties. The aim of the REGIO project is to contribute to a better understanding of the role of "closeness" - especially geographic and thematic proximity - in the uptake and success of interaction relationships in science and private research and development. For this task we work together with the Berlin School of Library and Information Science, the International Center for Higher Education Research and the Research Center L3S.

    Our task in this project is to understand the emergence of publications within the research landscape. Therefore, we will advance a number of hypotheses on regional research networks and innovation clusters and compare them with publication data, for example, from Web of Science. In order to test the plausibility of competing hypotheses, we will transfer and further develop the HypTrails approach, that allows the comparison of several hypotheses regarding a given dataset, to publication graphs.


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