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Exchange Semester in Vietnam: "Internet Communications Engineering (ICE)"

The University of Würzburg is the first German university to successfully attract funding of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for the International Study and Training Partnership Program (ISAP) with Vietnam. The partner university is the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) with the School of Electronics and Telecommunications in Vietnam. The program offers, among other things, full scholarships for students until year 2022. Prof. Dr. Tobias Hoßfeld and Dr. Florian Wamser (Chair of Communication Networks) as well as Prof. Dr. Nguyen Huu Thanh (School of Electronics and Telecommunications, Hanoi University of Science and Technology) were in charge of the grant application. 

The aim of the student and lecturer exchange program “Internet Communications Engineering (ICE)” is to establish enduring cooperation in teaching between the University of Würzburg and the Hanoi University of Science and Technology. The program awards both fully funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships to students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree for studying at the respective partner university. Furthermore, there are funds provided for professors and lecturers to hold classes at the respective partner university. Consequently, there will be an exchange of teaching, knowledge and experience for students and teaching staff at both universities. The lectures attended at the partner university during the exchange program are fully accredited by the respective home university.

The fields of specialization are IT and telecommunications. The focus is on topics such as Smart City, Internet of Things and 5G Mobile Communications, whereat engineering is the area of expertise of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology while 5G mobile communication, methodical analysis and performance evaluation of systems are the area of expertise of University of Würzburg.

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology is known for its specialized subjects “Electronic Engineering” and “Communication Engineering”. At the University of Würzburg there are majors such as Software Engineering, Communication Networks, Network Security or Artificial Intelligence for Master’s degree study of Computer Science. Additionally, the University of Würzburg offers several modules for Modelling and Benchmarking of Systems as well as subjects for assembling project expertise and team competence, which are indispensable for a project-orientated bachelor’s or master’s degree study of Computer Science.

The students at both institutes benefit from the complementary study contents and the opportunity to focus on new subjects and to pursue new professional perspectives. Moreover, studying abroad is an experience, which may have positive effects on one’s own personal development. It can help understanding different cultures and further improve foreign language skills.

The funding period is currently guaranteed until year 2022, with a possible continuation for 4 additional years. The University of Würzburg also finances language courses and cultural activities as part of the funding program.

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