Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

Space Exploration


  • 2013 VDE Award for Philip Bangert
  • 2013 Gold medal at IAC student competition for Florian Reichel
  • 2013 International Zonta Award for Maike Neuland
  • 2012 European Research Council's Advanced Grant for "Control of Networked, Distributed Picosatellite Systems" for Prof. Schilling
  • 2011 Rotary "Kulturpreis" for Marco Schmidt
  • 2010 Prof. Schilling inducted into the Internation academy of Astronautics
  • 2008 Silver medal at IAC Glasgow for Oliver Kurz
  • 2008 IABG Award for Oliver Kurz
  • 2006 Award of the British Interplanetary Society for Marco Schmidt
  • 2006 First Prize at IAC student competition, Valencia for Marco Schmidt
  • 2006 ZARM Award for Marco Schmidt

Research Interests

  • Small satellite development, multi satellite systems and ground station networks.
  • Enabling intelligent space systems using recent approaches in miniaturization, sensors, control engineering and distributed systems.
  • Our emphasis is also on information processing for combining tele strategies with autonomous reactions.

Sample of prior experience

  • European Mars Rover design MIDD - system design, sensor system layout, teleoperations concept and on-board data processing.
  • The European space probe HUYGENS landed on the Saturnian moon Titan with an adaptive descent control developed by us at Informatik VII. 
  • Research projects carried out at the chair also include UWE-1, UWE-2, UWE-3, PiNaNuPo and NaKoFo.

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