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Prof. Geilson Loureiro

Biographical Data

Geilson Loureiro is a technologist at LIT (the Laboratory of Integration and Testing, www.lit.inpe.br) of INPE (the Brazilian Institute for Space Research, www.inpe.br) since January, 1988. Since then he has worked on many complex products (most of them satellites) life cycle processes such as: electronic manufacturing, assembly, integration, thermal-vacuum and EMI/EMC testing. Geilson is an internal member of INPE´s Scientific and Technological Council, elected in 2009 for a two year term. In 2001, he received the award as the outstanding employee of LIT. He is also a fellow professor at ITA (Aeronautics Institute of Technology, www.ita.br) since the year 2000, teaching Systems Engineering. He is one of the co-founders and a council member of INPE´s post-graduate program on Space Systems Engineering and Management, started in 2007. Since 2006 he teaches Systems Engineering, Quality Engineering and AIT (Assembly, Integration & Testing) at INPE and from 2008 onwards, within that program. From March 2010, he is one of the professors responsible for the creation and consolidation of the new ITA’s aerospace engineering undergraduate course. He has many PhDs, Masters and Professional Masters completions under his belt with a productivity rate of 1 PhD and 5 Masters every three years. Themes include lean development, postponement, project teams, strategic planning, stakeholder engineering, requirements engineering, systems architecture, technology transfer, scalability, acquisition, design for integration, design for the environment, sustainability, organization architecture.

In 2007, Geilson led the organization of the CE2007 (http://ce2007.lit.inpe.br) 14th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering with the theme “Complex systems development: innovation, collaboration and sustainability”. Geilson participated of the NASA CER (concept of exploration and refinement) project at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), from March 2004 up to September 2005, in order to derive space exploration system of systems architectures. Since then he has been helping up to 3 ITA students per year to become visiting students at MIT and to, therefore, improve their careers perspectives. Geilson got his PhD on Systems Engineering from the Manufacturing Engineering department of Loughborough University, in England, in 1999. He worked in collaboration with Ford Motor Company Ltd, in the UK. Geilson developed a method to architect simultaneously a product, its life cycle processes and their performing organizations using systems modeling approaches. He has been providing in-company courses and consultancy to the aeronautic, aerospace, automotive and energy sectors´ companies in Brazil. He is a member of INCOSE (www.incose.org, the International Council on Systems Engineering) since 1996, the first ever Brazilian INCOSE member. Geilson got his Master degree at ITA in 1994, working on QFD (Quality Function Deployment) and concurrent engineering. In 1991, he was certified as Quality Engineer by ASQ (American Society for Quality). In 1990, he finished a specialization course on Production Management and Industrial Operations, at FGV, São Paulo. In 1987, he graduated from ITA on electronics engineering. He received the only distinction award in the first two years of the engineering course (5 years in total) as the best student in a class of 100. ITA is one of the best engineering schools in Brazil. Its selection rate is around 1 place for 50 candidates. In 1982, Geilson got the first place out of 12000 candidates in the unified selection process of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (his home state). He was only 16, then.