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Stephan Busch receives Leonardo-da-Vinci award


The SpaceMaster Stephan Busch (from pioneering round 1) received for his outstanding scientific research results on modular, flexible and robust pico-satellites the international Leonardo-da-Vinci award, supported by 10 European Rotary clubs (Amsterdam, Athen, Bussels, Dublin, Florence, London, Madrid, Tours, Wien, Würzburg). He coodinates today at the "Zentrum für Telematik" advanced formation flying of 4 picosatellites within the ERC award "NetSat".

Würzburg's Rotary president Thomas Schäfer and District Governor Berhard Fischenich congratulate Stephan Busch with the 11.000.-€ endorsed award during the celebrations on 21.5.2016 at the Neubaukirche of University Würzburg.