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Data Science Chair


About Us

The Data Science Chair (formerly DMIR Research Group) is a highly interdisciplinary group of researchers led by Prof. Andreas Hotho. We are active in machine learning research with applications in multiple domains, namely environmental sensing, natural language processing, recommendationsemantic web and fraud detection.


Our paper "Detecting Presence Of Speech In Acoustic Data Obtained From Beehives" got accepted @ DCASE21

Our paper "Do Different Deep Metric Learning Losses Lead to Similar Learned Features?" has been accepted at ICCV 2021

Our paper "Comparison of Transformer-Based Sequential Product Recommendation Models for the Coveo Data Challenge" is being presented at the SIGIR e'Com 21 Workshop today!

Our paper "A Case Study on Sampling Strategies for Evaluating Neural Sequential Item Recommendation Models" has been accepted at RecSys 2021


Our lectures and seminars cover fundamental topics like databases and algorithms as well as more specific methods like natural language processing, machine learning, information retrieval.

An overview can be found here.

Theses and Practica

We offer various topics for theses and practica on all our research topics. As a BA/MA student you will have access to the CAIDAS cluster to do your research.

Find your thesis topic here!

Job Offerings

We're always looking for help, whether with research related topics, teaching or administration and offer work for variable amounts of hours. You'll also gain access to the CAIDAS cluster for your work.

For more information, check out our job offers!