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Data Science Chair


The Data Science Chair (formerly DMIR Research Group) is a highly interdisciplinary group of researchers led by Prof. Andreas Hotho. We are active in machine learning research with applications in multiple domains, namely environmental sensing, natural language processing, recommendationsemantic web and fraud detection.


EMail:     sekretariat.lsx[at]uni-wuerzburg.de
Phone:   (+49 931)  31 - 89675
Fax:        (+49 931)  31 - 86732

Address:  Chair of Data Science (Informatik X)
                  Am Hubland
                  97074 Würzburg

Quick Navigation:

Theses / Practica


Best ML Innovation Award for "Deep Learning for Climate Model Output Statistics"

New interactive Climate Atlas of Lower Franconia for the BigData@Geo website


Our paper "LM4KG: Improving Common Sense Knowledge Graphs with Language Models" has been presented at ISWC 2020

Music & AI Project "Mozart Genom" at Wuerzburg Web Week (Update)

For students:

We offer interesting student jobs in different categories (see below) ranging from short to long periods. For a complete list of latest jobs, please visit our wiki. For questions please contact Tobias Koopmann


We run our own Kubernetes Cluster in order to run all our applications and research. In this area, we can offer a lot of tasks for enthusiastic students. 

Organisational & Teaching

We offer different organisational and/or teaching tasks, starting for example with administering our web appearance to several teaching tasks regarding out lectures. 


Since we are a computer science chair, most of our student tasks are programming-related. They distinguish in development tasks (e.g. website development) or research tasks (e.g. implementing neural network baselines for our current research).  

For Phd students:

Currently we offer no open Phd student jobs.