Data Science Chair

    Natural Language Processing Colloquium starting at 1.7.


    The "NLP colloquium", a series of online research talks on methodological developments and interesting applications in/of Natural Language Processing will start this week. The colloquium is organized by the Chair for NLP (Prof. Glavaš), in collaboration with the Chairs for Data Science (Prof. Hotho) and Computational Philology (Prof. Jannidis).        

    The inaugural session takes place this Friday, 1.7. at 15.30, with the following two talks: 

    1. Goran Glavaš: The Curse of Multilinguality: On the Tradeoff between Performance and Generality of Multilingual Text Representations

    2. Albin Zehe: Detecting Scenes in Fiction


    Each talk is expected to take ca. 25-30 minutes, followed by 15-20 minutes of discussion. 


    In the current sommer semester, we will then have five more sessions (speakers and their assignments to slots are still somewhat tentative and small changes are still possible):


    The following are the Zoom details (same for all six sessions): 


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