Data Science Chair

    Martin Becker

    Dr. Martin Becker

    University of Würzburg
    Department for Artificial Intelligence
    and Applied Computer Science
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg


    Homepage: https://martin-becker.net
    Twitter: @mgbckr
    Github: https://github.com/mgbckr

    After a stay at the University of Texas, Austin, I have received my diploma degree in Computer Science in 2011 at the University of Würzburg working on subgroup discovery and exceptional model mining. Subsequently, I have been part of the DMIR Research Group lead by Andreas Hotho, where, in 2018, I finished my PhD thesis on"Understanding Human Navigation using Bayesian Hypothesis Comparison" with the best possible grade (summa cum laude). In the same year, I started working atNima Agheepour's lab at Stanford University researching in the field of "Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Multiomics Integration for Clinical Immunology".

    With the DMIR group, I have been working on a variety interesting research subjects including behavioral change in participatory sensing campaigns and the internet of things (EveryAware), semantics (Posts II), digital humanities (Kallimachos), and sport analytics. My main focus was navigational behavior models in different contexts such as human mobility as well various forms of web navigation, e.g., in crowdsourcing environments, social bookmarking systems like BibSonomy, or Wikipedia. On a methodological level I passionately worked on Bayesian methods such as model comparison via Bayes factors or Bayesian models for explaining sequential data. 

    Please note that this page is not actively maintained. For more current information please visit: https://martin-becker.net

    Projects at DMIR

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    • EveryAware
    • Posts II
    • Kallimachos
    • p2map

    Workshop PC Member

    (as of 2018)


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    Seminar Ausgewählte Themen des Web 2.0

    Information Retrieval

    • summer term 2015
    • summer term 2014
    • summer term 2013
    • summer term 2012
    • summer term 2011