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    • 23.09.2009: UWE-2 has been launched successfully

      With a perfect launch of the indian PSLV-rocket UWE-2 has succesfully been placed in orbit. First beacon signals from UWE-2 seem to have been received by CalPoly.

      [More details in German]

      UWE-2 Launch on TV
      [Bayerisches Fernsehen]      [TVTouring]

      Articles about launch [German]
      [Bayerischer Rundfunk]     [Main-Echo]   [Süddeutsche Zeitung]  [IDW-Online] [More]        

      Image of Lift off [English]

      Launch news and images from Indian Space Research Organisation

      Launch Party Image gallery [High quality images]

      Amateur videos from enthusiasts
      [During launch]  [Live telephone conversation with launch site]

    • 10.08.09: Launch was delayed to September ISIS traveled with the CubeSats from Germany, Switzerland and Turkey to India. A detailed launch blog is available under http://blog.isilaunch.com/

      UWE-2 was charged once more and subsequently safely stored in its protective case by the ISIS team. 

    • 13.06.09: We performed a health check with UWE-2 in the Netherlands. The batteries are still in a good shape, we hope for a launch date in the near future

    • 08.06.09:  Additional to the already performed acceptance test an outgasing test was performed by ISIS for UWE-2. 

    • 25.05.09: Launch was delayed to August
    • 16.01.09: Launch was delayed to May
    • 13.06.08: UWE-2 passed successfully the acceptance tests 

    • 01.06.08: UWE-2 will be delivered to the Netherlands on 12.6.2008
    • 26.10.07: Launch von UWE-2 für Anfang 2008 angesetzt