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UWE-3 Reception

UWE-3 Data Reports from all over the world

Thanks to all enthusiastic radio amateurs tracking UWE-3 and providing regularly data received. Especially we want to thank (sorted alphabetically). Note: All links to radio amateurs are external links and governed by our "Impressum+Datenschutz" rules.

Help us collect data from UWE-3

We want to encourage all radio amateurs to send us the received signals from UWE-3. We know the great commitment of the radio community and would like to integrate you into our UWE-3 mission. UWE-3 is sending beacons regularly (initially every minute). They contain housekeeping data, like temperature on-board or solar cell current. All data is sent over the AX.25 protocol.

The nominal frequency of UWE-3 is 437.385 MHz, the signals are modulated 9600 baud GMSK.

Please use the UWE-3 Telemtry Online Decoder from DK3WN to upload the received signals to our server: