Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik


Objective of Pelote

The project is targeted on concepts of creating the presence feature via remote control and navigation, as well as knowledge sharing in combined communities of living and nonliving entities.
The foreseen applications include next generation teleoperation and telediagnosis systems incorporating both humans and (semi-) autonomous robots, design of highly realistic man-machine interfaces, allowing to accomplish complex teleoperation tasks. The aim of the PELOTE project is to investigate the following key items:

User Interface for Teleoperation:
Information has to be presented in an efficient and easily interpretable way.

Robots as telematic entities:
research foundations of entities’ ability to maintain knowledge from another entity and/or from the teleoperation centre in order to provide a robust, flexible and autonomous level of cooperation.

Cooperation and coordination:
Efficient mechanisms and robust concepts for cooperation and collaboration during the exploration of an unknown environment between humans and robots, supported by a teleoperator.

Humans as telematic entities:
personal assistance and navigation systems (PENA) supporting humans to become the remote end entities in a teleoperated task. This concept extends their capabilities by navigation, assistance and sharing of data from remote knowledge bases.