Lehrstuhl für Informatik VII - Robotik und Telematik

The PeLoTe application


Try to imagine the following scenario:

Alarm in the chemistry department of a university:

The fire-fighters take their equipment, including some robots. The mission coordinator plans the task for everybody in the team. When they came to the building no fire is directly visible, but the building is full of smoke. The fire-fighter and the robots move into the building.

With their localization system they always know where they are, as knows the mission coordinator. The team also shares sensor data (e.g. temperature) and video images via wireless communication. As the fire-fighters arrive at an area of high pollution with gases, they send a robot inside this dangerous area, which will explore and take measurement. Another robot will navigate through a heavily destructed area, where no human can go and search for victims and act as a communication platform between operator and victim….

In the PeLoTe project we are trying to bring the previous scenario more to reality.
The project is targeted on concepts of creating presence features via remote control, navigation and knowledge sharing in teams of human and robots.