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International Students

International guest students are welcome to participate in our research projects. As you see, our team is very international, English is the main language in our lab. With respect to lectures, those are mainly presented in German language. There are good facilities to provide introductory and advanced classes on "German for foreign students" offered by the University.

Here some information resources on the application procedure for exchange students are compiled to get you started:

If you come from an established partner university of our lab, then you can enroll as an exchange student (Programmstudent). You are required to use the form "Bewerbung um Zulassung zum Studium fuer Programmstudenten" to apply for admission to the University. A Letter of Admission will be issued promptly after we receive an application bearing an authorising signature from your university.

Should you wish to apply for housing in one of the dormitories of the "Studierendenwerk", must make use of the forms "Bewerbung zur Aufnahme in die Studierendenwohnheime ..." .
Please note that these applications also require an authorising signature from the home university. A refundable deposit of 200 Euro must accompany all applications. Application deadlines are 15 June for the winter semester and 15 January for the summer semester. The applications are to be mailed DIRECTLY to the Studierendenwerk.

It is most important to point out that rooms can only be rented for whole semesters, i.e. six months (October to March or April to September)!! Sometimes, it may be possible for the Studierendenwerk to find a new tenant for the last month of each period (March or September), when many new students come to Wuerzburg for the intensive German courses.

Information on the dormitories can be accessed online at:

> Wohnen

    > Die Wohnheime

        > Uebersicht ...

            >... in Wuerzburg

Detailed information for international students can be found online at:

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